A Grave Situation

Deborah Clark [ continued from Navigating By Dead Reckoning ]

14 June 2003 12:57

Re: Directions to Alfred Wallis' Grave

Checked the site - thanks very much, you put a lot of work in to that! Absolutely no offence taken, I have 110% respect for cemeteries and understand your need to put the note in.  Does my name have to stay though?!

Many thanks again.


Vile Jelly

14 June 2003 19:34

No, I'll take it out. It was a point of reference to the latest e-mail correspondence, that's all.

Deborah Clark

14 June 2003 22:29

I see that now, I explored the site a bit more today and found all my email there! No problem with that though, I have a belief that you don't say (or type!) anything unless you're happy to see it on the front page of a Sunday Paper.  I think you're doing a great job, I'm not the biggest SI fan but absolutely love CW as a whole and believe that the more people in the place who can recognise the great beauty etc etc they have, the longer it will stay that way (and improve).

Give yourself a big pat on the back and have one for me in the Sloop!


Vile Jelly

15 June 2003 08:35

Well, I suppose the whole point about news is that it has got to be of some interest or there's really not much point promulgating it. I mean how often do you buy a paper and turn immediately to read page 17? And when you see what does often pass for 'news' down here ..... Do you really think that the SSI readership (either of them) are really going to tune in regularly to find out what the Hayle Bowling Club have been up to this week?

Also, part of the problem is that I am here all the time whereas most people just visit occasionally and so don't always see 'the big picture'. If I seem oversensitive about Barnoon Cemetery please bear in mind that last Summer the police were forced to do night-time foot patrols through the place to keep it clear of the alkies, druggies, beach bums, etc. who were partying all night and camping most of the day in the graveyard.

PS. I did give myself a huge pat on the back the other day. Mind you, that was because I fell over while walking the field path to Zennor. Damn cows!

On all day and night today, so no doubt will have worked up a suitable thirst for the pint of DB tonight.

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