The Point Of No Return

Gill Richards

17 June 2003 14:48

Dodgy goings on


Did you know that if you follow the link from SSI to the official Sloop
website you can't return. Is this indicative of St Ives or something to do
with the beer?


Vile Jelly

17 June 2003 15:06

It's nuthin' to do with me, boy. I just put the lynx there. If the 'Back' option doesn't work in Internet Exploder then you'll just have to blame Bill Goats and Microstuff!

Of course, it could also have something to do with the Sloop staff 'Hotel California' terms of enslaveme ..... I mean, employment. You can check out any time you want but you can never leave!

Gill Richards

17 June 2003 15:14

did wonder...

how's the weather down there? fab here, much too nice to be stuck in work. I feel a site visit coming on ...


('here' being Bristol btw)

Vile Jelly

17 June 2003 16:28

The weather here has been atrocious.

The RT have to waste several hours smearing themselves in fat (human, of course) just so they can make a dart down to the Sloop.

Just about everything that can peel is peeling.

You city slickers are so lucky with your layers of smog to protect from the sun's ultra-violent [sic] rays.

Gill Richards

18 June 2003 13:51

How awful for you!

If the RT smear themselves in fat, do the Shauns have to be careful that they don't stand next to any rosemary bushes?

Yes, so lucky and today it's blocked out the sun completely. Oh no, that's just cloud...

Vile Jelly

18 June 2003 14:32

Well, one of them does.

I'm afraid that, as you may have surmised from the team photo, the other is actually a kamikaze sheep. There's nothing he likes better than worrying dogs and wearing mint sauce aftershave! I do worry about him at times but I am assured by the rest of the RT that he is a Vicious Killer Sheep and perfectly capable of looking after himself.

It has been one of those sunnycloudydryrainy days here. The ems mustn't have known whether they were coming or going.

Gill Richards

18 June 2003 14:55

Glad to hear it. In fact I think I met him (or one of his clones) whilst out on a walk last week. Certainly shouting 'Mince sauce' at him had no affect whatsoever! 

btw, I liked the hat he wore at the beer festival. just right for shading
the eyes when finishing a pint.

Serves them right.

Vile Jelly

18 June 2003 15:52

We're glad you liked it, although we have no idea where it came from.

Well, to be honest, apart from the photographic evidence we have no idea what really went on at the Beerfest. That's why we just had to interpret the piccies the best we could based on what appeared to be happening!

Gill Richards

18 June 2003 15:59

you think you had a good time then?

Vile Jelly

18 June 2003 18:17

We're not sure. By the time we could think again the event had been consigned to the history books!

Gill Richards

19 June 2003 15:42

Good man!

i'm off. have a good weekend

speak soon


Vile Jelly

20 June 2003 08:39

And sheep and dragon, thank you very much.

There's no need to be humanist!

Shaun & Soupie.

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