Teuton Karma!

Andrew Macdonald [continued from Auto-Suggestion ]

19 June 2003 05:40


Haven't forgotten the competition - but they take so much planning and preparation that it may be a while yet as I'm doing a grand tour of the country this week, and I hear that you may have upset St W anyway?  I'm surprised he's got the energy to get upset after all that dribbling about the Slippery Eel.
I saw my German pal the other day, and he said yes, his friend's ristorante was called Russets.  The new one in Carbis Bay is called La Cassita I think, but I wouldn't swear to it as it was getting late by then, so take up your Globals and walk......
Must go, due in Rotherham soon.

Vile Jelly

19 June 2003 09:00

No, actually he upset me (now there's a turnip for the books, as they say!). Honestly, an alleged Cornish Saint-Candidate complaining about the incomers being ripped off. Whatever next, the Pope sponsoring condoms and free-love? Osama Bin Laden buying shares in Microsoft and Boeing? The Reporting Team walking past an open pub?
Yes, that's all very interesting and given the relative locations (Fore St and Cardboard Bay) I had more or less surmised that. What I want to know is did you get me the job and what are the terms? Let me know when you get back from Decaythewoman'spork.
In the meantime, whether [sic] permitting I am off expediting once more. Don't worry though, some of the RT will be here to take your message as they are staying behind to guard our supplies from the beer thieves who seem mysteriously to strike every time I am away from the lair.

Andrew Macdonald

19 June 2003 17:14

Halifax, as it turns out.  The geography's changed.
And there's no need to get clever with me - I'm only trying to help.  If you ask me nicely, I'll put in a good word for you (and what would a good word for you be, I wonder?  That could be the next competition) when I see him again in a couple of weeks.  We're going over to see them in Germany this time, just as soon as we've got the Lancaster serviced.
And talking of walking past open pubs, I'm just not going to.

Vile Jelly

20 June 2003 08:51

Tell them I'm curt and vile. That should get their artistic attention!
Do they know you are following them to Germany or are you going to let it come as a nasty surprise when you try to surprise them at Arnhem?
PS. How do you manage to type e-mails and not walk past pubs at the same time? Do you have an amanuensis who follows you around scribing your musings while you sniff out hostelries?

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