High (Bar)Noon!

"St? Winwaloe"

23 June 2003 11:05

To forgive is sub lime jelly (pref with little chocolate buttons)

You mis-read (or mis-reed if you want the East Angulur spelling) my point on property. We all know that prices are going sky high but the "locals" selling are making a tidy profit and incomers selling to new incomer also making tidy profit due to great popularity of St Ives pubs, f&c shops, beer, web-sites, beer, Lifeboat, beer and pubs! However you look at it the buyer pays and the seller receives (large profit) Here endeth the sermon on the lighthouse. No need to design a coat of arms as I already have one, one day I may even describe it to you. Comments re bar-non grave place are interesting. Stayed up that way last year for a week or so and frequently walked through with Mrs Winwaloe and the saintlets. Very unusual sights to be seen but no policeman. Delighted to hear that the constabulary worked on a "may the force be with them" concept and sorted it out. Have to say that the residents caused me no problems. However, does this mean that the graveyard is not haunted? If so, suggest you find resident ghost pdq - may have an idea or two for you!
Benatugana - Tereba nessa - Winwaloe   

Vile Jelly

23 June 2003 16:26

Oh, we'll forgive you. If only so we can call on you as a character witness in the emmeticide trial!

Hang on!

What do you mean saintlets? I didn't think saints reproduced, not even in today's happy-clappy, bum-fondling Church of England (belief in god optional)! When did you hatch them? Are they really saints or are they little devils? Do they perform (legal) minor miracles? Do they know about your furtive existence on Spooky St. Ives?

Well, the bizzies were supposed to be evicting the undesirables from Barhumbug Cem. Whether or not they actually succeeded is hard to judge in winter. No doubt all will be revealed soon, now that the beach lice are coming out of their hibernation. I don't suppose your saintly skills stretch to necromancy, do they? If they did we could hire you to raise ghosties and ghoulies to patrol the graveyard at night. I bet the beach scum won't feel like partying after they've been grabbed by the ghoulies!

PS. Did I mention that I found Denys Val Baker's seat of power on the coast path between Zennor and Gurnard's?

"St? Winwaloe"

24 June 2003 08:58

Reproduction is of course by divine intervention or something like that. Spooky StI remains a mystery to all those not yet initiated to the ancient craft. Long live the Nights Templaters!! - That reminds me - this idea of raising the spirits in the grave yard. From teh number of empty half and quarter bottles around I think the spirits had been tilted if not fully raised. There appeared to be quite a large amount of revelation as well although not all as attractive as it could/should have been. Don't think they were locals! Mind you who is? Yes you mentioneds the seat. I may make a pilgrimage to it when next I honour you with a visitation. Get hold of a copy of Timeless Land and Cornwalls Art Colony by the Sea - good reading if you like the subject. Right - 0855 hrs must be lunch time - May your dishes keep being washed in the water of human nature - - W

Vile Jelly

24 June 2003 09:27

Thought so. Seem to have completely failed to retain what few marbles I had.

Anyway, as you were passing through Barnoon Cem. while the drop-outs were in full revel, couldn't you have done something miraculous, like turning their wine into water?

PS. You're wrong about there probably not being many locals left ..... Barnoon's full of them, although generally they keep to themselves and don't make too much of a hullabaloo! I think they should get out more but they just seem to want to lie around doing nothing all day!

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