Caught Yellow-Handed!

Gill Richards

26 June 2003 09:55

RE: Dodgy goings on

sorry animeaux, wouldn't want to offend (!)

Hell of a week, non stop pap.

I'm with you. never mind where saffron comes from, why would yer poor fisher folk put it in their buns? it costs a packet now and where did they get it then? Perhaps they smuggled it from the spice ships and they had loads of it and didn't know what to do with the excess.

Vile Jelly

26 June 2003 10:11

Well, we reckon that they smuggled it in via all the foreign fishing boats they used to meet in the demilitarised zone of the Channel.

Hiding the brandy in caves and secret cellars was a good idea but we have some doubts about the cunning plan to hide the saffron in currant buns.

Completely undetectable!

Gill Richards

26 June 2003 11:10

Absolutely, cos bright yellow buns are so common place after all. (well, they are now anyway) I was wondering if cocheneal (?) was so rare aswell, would there have been bright red buns. And if so what would you call them? Bug buns, Beetle buns...reminds me of a song.

Interestingly you don't seem to be able to buy saffron buns anywhere other than Cornwall, so maybe there is still a conspiracy to keep most of the world's saffron in Cornwall...

Vile Jelly

26 June 2003 17:25

Oh, lordy, no .....

..... there's just a conspiracy to keep all the saffron buns in Cornwall!

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