The Late Vile Jelly

Helen Bristol

05 July 2003 15:40


What's up?  You on strike or something?  Where's the SSI update?
Did the Big Dig last Sunday.  Not found much except some bits of pottery and glass, a few bones that might be huming.......oh, and one of those small blue plastic parachutists.  You remember?  you wound the 'chute round him somehow or other and tossed him in the air and as he fell to earth the 'chute opened.  I expected to find the odd Lego man or three but obviously we were digging in the wrong part of the Estate.  Now I've got the task of cleaning and identifying all the finds before writing the Dig Report.  It was fun but hard work.
BM off with the germans again tomorrow. This time on their home turf, so I will be a 'sauerkraut "widow"'.

Vile Jelly

05 July 2003 19:53

To be honest ..... I've lost the plot (as you may have previously detected).How can I put it?
The faecal/ventilation interface is defective .....
I have an inadequate means of propulsion for this particular river of manure .....
..... er ...... help, I can't cope?
Half the update is pre-loaded but the problemette is that I don't know when I'll get the chance to do the news bit.
I'll do it when I can.
Right now, .....
I'm not waving but

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