The Lost Boys?

Sue & Jonathan Lee

Friday, January 25, 2002 9:31 PM

Web Site

We have been recommended your web site by a friend. [Can't be much of a friend if they recommended Vilejelly to you! Have you checked that box of choccies they gave you for broken glass?]
After a quick view of the walk from St Ives to Carbis Bay we wish we had found you before we got lost last weekend with five small children in tow! [Five small children, eh? Have you been indulging in IVF or did you just lose a pub bet with your similarly be-childed friends? Mind you, on the plus side, the Lelant Saltings are an ideal location for disposing of any unwanted children/friends/Jehovah's Witnesses/etc. You could sink an aircraft carrier without trace in those mudflats. Maybe that's why the Ark Royal mysteriously disappeared over night just before Crimbo!]
We have recently bought Morreps, the property on the right in Lelant5.jpg above the wreck. [Have you done up the house since your recent move? If not, we would strongly recommend painting the windows facing Hayle matt black, on the inside, on the glass.]
Looking forward to viewing the rest of the site - keep up the good work.

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