Tour De Farce

Helen Bristol [continued from Annal Retentive? ]

12 July 2003 10:37


Not aerodynamic enough.  Anyway,  the beret and shirt I can place on the old bod, but where does the string of onions go?  Is it something like a thong?  Personally I prefer those tight lycra shorts, espec....................

Vile Jelly

12 July 2003 15:24

I take it your a big fan of WWF then (or whatever that American wrestling thing calls itself now)!
PS. I think you use the string of onions to lash your opponents with when they try to overtake you.

Helen Bristol

13 July 2003 19:49

So what do I wear on the lower half? .................oh, of course, those tight, pink lycra shorts.
Atlernatively, I could scatter the onions on the road while I'm riding at the head of the pelaton.

Vile Jelly

14 July 2003 09:21

Hm, that would explain why they have those sudden and spectacular pile-ups.
Betas laves on the line for an excuse, though!

Helen Bristol

14 July 2003 18:13

Betas laves, eh? Oh, I see what you mean.

Vile Jelly

14 July 2003 18:37

Hoisted by my own satirical whatsits!
And it's a fair cop, too.
What can I say?
Except qwertyuiop and oops!
PS. If Le Grand Hamburger is around you might just ask him, my Latin is rusted beyond practical use but I'm not unconvinced that dirty-minded legionnaires might have sniggered at 'betas laves'!

Helen Bristol

15 July 2003 18:04

He say "I know nuuthing"he's too busy washing his Alfas. 

Vile Jelly

15 July 2003 21:36

Oh well, 'beta' washing alfas than nothing, I suppose!

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