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"St? Winwaloe" [see Caveat Emptor! ]

21 July 2003 13:21

Winwaloe Momento

Oh dear, dear, dear! - This concept of Winwaloe Momento is fine but the products suggested are just not right for the image. May be OK for East Anglebox but not dear old Kernow - Anyway, time you chaps realised that Cornwall is changing with all the European money and HNW 2nd/3rd homers (not nec as in Simpson)coming in. If, and only if, I decide to pursue this momento idea the following are more likely Chateau Winwaloe - a red wine of great depth, character and beauty, reflecting its creator - The St Winwaloe car mascot - made to fit Bentley, Aston Martin and Alvis motor cars only - The St Winwaloe shirt made of the finest sea island cotton and hand sown by the modern day equv of bal maidens - The Winwaloe full corona, finest Kernow grown tobacy and hand rolled on the upper thigh of Cornish maidens. May also develop the side by side Winwaloe 12 bore for emmet control and the Barnoon cork screw. T shirts with a picture of me on the front and the words of popular Cornish folk songs will be the most down market item. However as they will retail for £55 a piece they should not fall into the wrong hands. The Winwaloe picnic hamper will consist of Ch. Winwaloe, Mead, Cider (the proper stuff not that foul, fizzy stuff)Saffron cake, Pasty, and seagull pate  - The St Winwaloe  production team at AllSaints UK Ltd will bring you new ideas as they come off the drawing board. Tell the RT they  can have commission on all they sell -  Blessings and booty upon you - W

Benatugana - Tereba nessa - Winwaloe   

Vile Jelly

21 July 2003 16:32

Sounds ideal. Especially as you've got a handy cheap labour source in Mrs W and the saintlets!

You box 'em up and send them here and we'll handle sales and distribution. We could even promulgate them on the website and sell them to the SSI faithful mail order.

"St? Winwaloe"

22 July 2003 09:10

I know we have a Laboured Government but I think promulgation is still illegal -

Vile Jelly

22 July 2003 09:14

Oh dear, and I've been promulgating with the Reporting Team for years.

Thank gawd no one reads SSI and has caught us at it!

Remember, if anyone asks ..... you haven't seen us.

"St? Winwaloe"

23 July 2003 16:05

Well short of a barperson or two nobody has seen the reporting team!!

Vile Jelly

24 July 2003 14:33

Too true!

I suppose they should get out more but have you any idea how much it costs [espec. at St. Ives prices] to buy them tickets for the funfair/tickets for the museum/food and a round of drinks/etc!

Of course, if you ever turn up we could just have jugs of water that you could transmute into wine. Plus you could do the five pasties and a couple of mackerel trick.

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