Bannock Burning Issues

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

25 July 2003 20:43

Re: feckin potato rompers

hi Pauls... moved to a cabin  downriver from Dawson City. for August.... nice and quiet.. and an apt  for winter  then make some cash off next years batch of tour buss patrons.... havn't time to  tell yu the stupidity of this brand overere... similiar to yours no doubt. just a different map... whats BANNOCK.. ( your puzzle)  write before I get bitten by a spruce bug... yuk..

Bannock is a wad of white flour with a bit of salt.. deep fried in fat  a staple with moose stew... YUMM... keep that fat coming! adios. for now dearies... soon everyone will be gone except localles... and all there'll be with be bits of dried gull crap here and there to tell the tale...on your side of the great briny...  Maude.. trying out maude for a change....

Vile Jelly

26 July 2003 07:43

Oh god, you mean there's more than one of me? How awful for everyone (self included)!
I'm glad you cleared up the mystery of the bannocks. I thought they were something you kicked a bloke in to incapacitate him!
No idea where Dawson City is (not West Penwith as far as I can tell). Is this the human equivalent of flying south for the winter and is everyone there really called Dawson?

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