Yokel Produce?

Helen Bristol

28 July 2003 21:40


Can't raise SSI on the website.  What gives?  Is it the crap reception hereabouts?  Or have you finally given up?

Vile Jelly

29 July 2003 10:01

It was there this morning so I can only assume that either your/my ISP has had a wobbler or the electronic orcs have overrun the electronic elves in your computer causing a reign of badness to spread across Middle Oeuf!

Helen Bristol

30 July 2003 13:54

Well it IS there now but wasn't when I emu'd you ,though my complaint may have been a tad misleading in that (re-reading wot I rote) I meant that you hadn't updated it.
Curtis' recipe looks good, must try it.  Help, where can I get a 32oz can of Chicken Broth in the UK? Apart from Harrods or F&M.
  What's the point of visiting places if you don't sample the local cuisine? ( Is this too fine a word to describe indigenous dishes?)  In Cornwall I don't want Chinese, Italian, Indian or any other nationality menus. Though was forced to partake of the first (not a pleasant experience) because nowherelse was a)open, b) had a table or c) appealed to the moths in BM's sporran. Of course the ems want pasties, & clotted cream ( possibly together.....there's no accounting for taste) Not chips, please, lets follow our American Allies' example and rename them.........how about Falmouth Fries?  The way things are heading Mr.T will be slapping on a Frite Tax as part of the National Obesity Plan for England  (just say NOPE).   Where are the mackerel and pilchard dishes, sea bream, the wonderful local cheeses?  I'll tell you where..............over here in East Angland, though I'm not sure about Cornish Tiskey (since when were garlic and sundried tomatoes a speciality of the county?)

Vile Jelly

31 July 2003 15:36

Oh, I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for updates at this time of year.
PS. You're wrong about the cheese. There's plenty of wild garlic around here and sun-dried tomatoes are a naturally occurring phenomenon at this time of year as the deliveries of fresh tomatoes bake outside the restaurants!

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