The Big Issue?

Patrick Barrie

12 August 2003 14:12

Hello there,

I'm a producer for the BBC based in Plymouth and I'm trying to get in touch with someone from the Community Action for St Ives Housing group. I have e-mailed them using the link on your webpage, but it was returned as undeliverable. I was wondering if you have a contact number for them?

Many thanks
Patrick Barrie

Vile Jelly

12 August 2003 18:50

Hello here.
No, I can't get the e-mail link to work either. I'm sorry but I don't have any other info either.
However, have you tried getting hold of the St. Ives Times & Echo? (I can get you a phone or e-mail number for them if you haven't got them in your archives). They might have more info and will have back copies that might be able to give you names and numbers. My 'news' bulletin was perpetrated on 5 July 2002, so the story will have been in the issues immediately preceding that date.
PS. Out of curiosity how did you track CASH down to Spooky St. Ives? If you just trawled through the whole lot in the hope that you might find a clue, then THAT is extreme journalism!
PPS. Regardless of outcome re. CASH, can I put your e-mail on the updates (when I have time to promulgate them)? I got a mention from the Daily Express yonks ago, a mention from the Beeb might convince the sane out there that there is some merit to Spooky St. Ives!

Patrick Barrie

13 August 2003 09:37

hi there,
many thanks for that. I just phoned the paper but there is no one there yet...I got the link from a search for the group..I'd love to get your e-mail up the way do you know any local people who have housing problems in St Ives?
all the best-

Vile Jelly

13 August 2003 11:29

Depends on your definition of local. Most of the natives I know are older, established peeps (I'm 39), either without sprogs or with grown up ones who have left St. Ives and have found somewhere to live (or they wouldn't still be here!).
In terms of working residents (as opposed to born and bred locals), one of our chefs got booted out of his bedsit so they could convert it into holiday accommodation. Our KP is, as at last going to press, in a similar position. Chef found somewhere in Cardboard Bay, KP is still looking I think. Management weren't overly concerned about situation until said chef pointed that he would have to quit the job and leave St. Ives if he couldn't find anywhere to live. At that point said management sat up and took notice, even to the point of helping him fight his eviction and looking for somewhere else to go. I know a few of the bar staff are in a similar position. I suspect that if you enquired at any pub/restaurant in St. Ives you'd come across similar stories.
As you know buyable property is non-existent and even affordable rented accommodation is now gold dust as the season gets longer and more landlords are just concentrating on gouging the emmets. I've been predicting in my news/e-mails pages for some time that one day St. Ives is going to discover that there is no one left in the town who actually does the work!

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