L'Oiseau Noir En Croute!

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

16 August 2003 19:45

Re: feckin potato rompers

still don't get it about du b ya  ??? splain pls    pie.. what about the crust... lard butter or CRISCO CRUSTIFICATION...I KNEW something was wrong with grownups when they gave me books like that to read.. I can still see the birds escaping from the steaming pi

hay the book of pi.. did you reed it? m

Vile Jelly

17 August 2003 18:46

All in the accent, venerable owl. The current US Dictator is the sprog of the former US Dictator. Since, like all inbred families, they all have the same name how do you tell them apart.
ANSWER: By their middle initial ..... hence ...
PS. The birds do not escape from the steaming pie. Even we cook things sufficiently!

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

19 August 2003 21:22

yes they do.. in the book I read.. there's also a castle turret seen through the window  theres a big fat cook with an apron and the pie is on a board in the kitchen..

I found a little half hatched canary chick in the nest.. his little beak was moving! I thought he was dead at first.. and helped him out  and put him in with the eggs and lo he lives! M

Vile Jelly

20 August 2003 17:31

How on earth did you manage to put him back into the egg?
Now, that is a miraculous occurrence. Keep that up and you might be able to challenge Winwaloe for the post of new Cornish Patron Saint!
PS. Had me worried there. Thought there might be eye-witnesses to what goes on in the Slave Pits but then I remembered I don't wear an apron. Phew!

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

21 August 2003 22:46

no i put him back with the other eggs  but he was too early out and died next day..  hay was putting noospaper under the birds and found an article with GEORGE DOUBLE YOU in it... then why carnsarnit i finally got it. I was pronouncing your word as doo (bie) beeya.. like an arab emirate or something..

why no apron  some person info at last... what else?.. I know a writer on SSI  Brian??  wrote about barbequeing in the nudes when the smoker decided to blow... sounds funny.. saved the wax job..

Vile Jelly

22 August 2003 15:49

Bah! You're nearly as bad a miracle worker as Winwaloe. All talk and no manifestations!
We don't wear much in the Slave Pits as we can't afford to waste clothes and the management's whips tend to shred even the most durable of fabrics.

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

22 August 2003 21:50

i'll make you some duds with chainsaw  pants fabric on the b.u.m.

Vile Jelly

23 August 2003 08:34

Nothing can protect us. As well as the standard physical abuse we are also subjected to constant psychological maltreatment to say nothing of the hordes of tormenting imps and demons that the Necromancer-in-Chief conjures up!

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