Fed Up!

N J Strolling

18 August 2003 17:43

(no subject)

have discovered there is life above the tamar. it seems that the emmets sent down each season are the ones the rest of the country doesn't want, so it's quite nice up here really!

saturdays are such a bore , just lazing around in the garden, even the park seems empty on hot sunny days. Still, maybe there will be two more people in the park on august bank holiday... it'll seem like a crowd.

does the sloop do takeaway breakfasts now? Maurice did say he was thinking of it look forward to putting in my email order for the triple sized breakfast until then adios

Vile Jelly

18 August 2003 21:49

Please do not use 'trigger' words like Maurice and Breakfasts if you wish to avoid being cheese-gratered to death!
Dunno about the takeaway brekkies but they must be going somewhere. We did 126 in 2 hours on Saturday. Where the hell did they find the space to eat them all? I have my suspicions and, no doubt, so will the police when Maurice is found face down in the harbour with Global puncture marks all over him!
Choose life, don't choose Sloop breakfasts (espesh on Saturdays or, as we now call them, Satandays).
PS. Your theory about the emmet disposal tactics up country certainly fit in with the impression down here that the rest of the country just dumps all its crap on us. Forced repatriation seems to be the only solution.

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