Fishing Well?

Gill Richards

20 August 2003 11:37


fishy is still ok, terribly swollen, perhaps i'm going to have babies! one of his (her?) mates died though. i think the heat finally got to them, at least i hope it's that because it did put in a lot of antibacterial stuff.......
how's the kitch? still like hell or more on the road.......

Vile Jelly

20 August 2003 19:09

Kitching is like hell on a very nasty road.
PS. Best wishes to fishes, keep them away from Sloop dishes!

Gill Richards

22 August 2003 09:27

fishes look ok, swelling has gone down and fish is now swimming in a more swim like manner, i think the bath temperature has gone down. (Un) fortunately the Sloop is a long way away.

Bristol is hosting a concert by Massive Attack this weekend. Peeps are currently covering a park with plastic flooring to protect the grass from the crowd, good job too i say. Course it means i have to stay in on Monday cos the traffic will be awful.

chin up, soon be over..

Vile Jelly

22 August 2003 15:53

Funnily enough, St. Ives is also suffering a Massive Attack. From emmets who can generally be split into three sub-categories: (1) rude and stupid, (2) rude and selfish and (3) rude and ruder. They really are a bunch of absolute savages this year.
PS. What do you mean 'soon be over'. September is usually the busiest month for the kitchen serfs.

Gill Richards

22 August 2003 15:58

(4) Dumb and Dumber
PS. Why?

Vile Jelly

22 August 2003 21:18

Because usually August is infested with lager louts and people beset by sprogs. Consequently the pub tends to fill up with drinkers rather than eaters. In September the skools have recaptured their creatures and so the DINKies and the Wrinklies come out to play. They are more inclined to trough over a bucket of chardonnay and so we are busier for fud.
That said, this August has been twice as busy as last year so if that trend continues into September I'm off to Baghdad for a spot of R&R.

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