No Tipping!

Gill Richards

26 August 2003 15:15


I understand now. Things take on a slightly slower pace though don't they. i know i'm never in a rush when i'm on my hols, so quick food isn't an issue.
It might, lots more people stayed in Britain so the childless bunch might have done the same. i won't be pestering you though. i'm off to sunnier climes for a bit of yodelling. getting in a bit of practice ... hem..hem ......... yo

Vile Jelly

26 August 2003 21:45

Er ..... no.
In my experience the buggers are just as demanding and just as miserable. Don't forget the Sloop is a pub and not a restaurant so everyone expects food to appear in the blink of an eye. Year and a half in the job and I've never seen a tip. Lovely people!!

Gill Richards

27 August 2003 09:31

That's because it's a pub and people don't think to leave tips in pubs.
will the reporting team come out of hiding now the sprogs have gone away?

Vile Jelly

27 August 2003 17:46

No, from practical experience down here I'd have to qualify that statement ..... people don't think ..... period!
The Reporting Team are being evasive about their future whereabouts.
So am I. 

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