"St?? Winwaloe"

26 August 2003 16:20


Becoming more and more concerned about the drivel, dravel and banality of your fan club. Suppose most of them are up country and suffering from the effects of M1, M25, M4, M5, M60, M Blair, M60000000 and several dozen assorted airports. I, of course, take the saintly stance and rise above it all. Any more thoughts on those apples? Having retuned from a saintly rest I am delighted to say that Doombar is available in that funny place called Devon (inhabitants seem to think it is His own country, have put them right on this) Assume the reportimng tam also on holiay or are they simply more pixicated than ususal? On this matter i am thinking about breeding and training piskies for up country. Any thoughts?

Benatugana - Tereba nessa - Winwaloe   

Vile Jelly

27 August 2003 08:36

I see, blame the readership.

Of course I can only promulgate what I receive and your electronic burblings have been few and far between. Still, it makes sense, doesn't it? Everyone goes on holiday and then complains that we, the workers, aren't doing anything for them!

No further thoughts on the apples other than Mad Maeve has been practicing performing miracles (a variation on the 'which came first the chicken or the egg' thing) and could soon be challenging you for the vacant heavyweight Cornish Saint title. That's what you get for sitting idly on your saintly arse while Cornwall suffers a reign of terror under the hordes of emmetry!

PS. You can't have Cornish Piskies anywhere but here now under the EU AOC rule.

"St?? Winwaloe"

27 August 2003 11:12

Am arranging for Piskies to have Swiss passports and therefore raise a suitable number of digets to the EU. Please listen and heed these wise words, an apple can never take over from a properly reported saint! As to chickens and eggs it is obvious which came first. Now I read that teh pasty is taking a bashing again. Why not get the RT off their backsides and get them on to this. What a crant! - NB am planning another visitation, hope the RT's don't miss this one - can you excommunicate a member of teh RT or is execution the only answer?

Vile Jelly

27 August 2003 17:53

I laugh at your swizz passports.

I sat onomatopoeic phrases like 'pshaw' at your protestations.

I sharpen my Globals at your criticism of the Reporting Team .....

..... You are merely a wannabe saint whereas the RT are better than god (and a damn sight more reliable in a crisis).

You want better? Then do something better.

Udderwise .....

"St?? Winwaloe"

28 August 2003 13:05

A curse on the RT ! and it will take more than a Doombar laden wise hog to lift it. Wanabee Saint - how dare you ? Did you not see my walk on appearance in the Twin Towers? I was up there with the elfs (closely related to Piskies) - Now enough of this and back to your stove fowl demon of the slave pit!!!!

NB - how's the weather?

Vile Jelly

28 August 2003 14:38

We don't have weather in the kitchen so who cares?

PS. A man (if such you be) who curses the Reporting Team is no friend of
SSI, SI or, indeed, anyone .....

..... but don't worry, I know a quality St. Ives chippie. Your crucifix will
be lovingly and locally hand-built!

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