Construction Instruction

Sue Neill

01 September 2003 20:11

glad to be back

Hello from Gotham

Remember me I contacted you at easter to have a moan about the emmets.  I have been off line for a month I have just got my computer back today. We had a power cut and then a surge which blew my mother board. (don't mean a thing to me) anyway I have been off line and have hated it. First thing I did was to go onto SSI and get my fix do you think that this means a serious addiction problem? Glad to hear that everything is ok down there sorry that you are so busy. After visiting Cornwall at Easter I have been to Norfolk for a week and I am off to Scarborough tomorow for a few days. Would have loved to get down to St Ives in September when the kids are back at school and it is a bit quieter, but my son isn't going back yet , we have been given a date of the 9th on account of the school being rebuilt but rumours are abounding that the school resembles a building site so we shall see. Anyway it is good to be back and keeping in touch with St ives take care

Sue Neill

Vile Jelly

02 September 2003 10:06

Gotham? Are you bats, woman?
So, how are things in Acquiredpork? Not such sign of things calming down here. The streets are a little less infested with goblins but there are still hordes of ems wandering aimlessly like startled shoals of wildebeests.
Are you going to Scarborough Fair? If so, can you bring us some parsnips, wages and rosemary if you've got the time!
PS. Why can't your sprog and his fellow chums go back to skool while it is a building site? They could be made to labour on the site and acquire some useful trade skills. A skool that makes its pupils work and teaches them something worthwhile, now there's a radical departure from current trends!

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