Wacky Mountain Hi!

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

01 September 2003 22:56

Re: feckin potato rompers

hi dear one...after living in a cabin in the scrub to a 3 bedroom house.. with hot running water.. leckie, micro AND soon to have a washer & dryer.. all I need now is a boring husband to complete the "home"   NOT    there is also a nice bunch of real furniture.. stuff that is too heavy for me to carry   like sofas and tables etc.. and a cd player (I never owned one)so I put in my only disc  (Van the man) Back on Top... cranked it up and looked out over the wilderness... a fab view of snow topped mountanya and forest..  this is being written in the tourist centre   on a laptop..   wish you could come for a visit, vile one..

sticking my easels together and sorting out a studio     hopefully get some paintings underway soon...    M  ps hows the cookin?

Vile Jelly

02 September 2003 10:14

Pah! There you are pretending to be Jeremiah Johnson meets Grizzly Adams when in fact you're living in the lap of luxury! It's alright for some.
Enjoy the wilderness. In fact, really enjoy it by blowing up the tourist centre! I shall not be able to join you. As explained elsewhere previously, we are not allowed to take holidays when it is busy and as we are working in the Sloop .....
Thinking of volunteering to be a UN relief worker in Iraq to get some relative peace and quiet!
PS. Don't forget to e-mail us a painting when you've done some.

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

02 September 2003 23:43

sloopy   hang on sloopyhangon  .. roger your request fer image.. if you volunteer, take your knives dear vilish cookie cutter man.. and a handfull of  roses for the women, they want roses, and bread darling, bread and rosieposies...

the grey, rolling clouds, a stark white curtain falling down into the purply mountains...  M

Vile Jelly

03 September 2003 09:43

So, what's the plan? Give them the knives and bread and if they still go all stroppy threaten them with the roses?
We are currently suffering from the balloonatics and their hangers-on. I just wish the buggers would go (one way or another). Maybe we'll get lucky and the Americans will shoot them down over Roswell again!

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

03 September 2003 21:35

yes,  m ake them eat lamingtons covered in marmite   .. ..

Vile Jelly

04 September 2003 08:55

Careful, woman, there's only so much they'll take. If we start deploying Marmite against them we'll be in breach of the Geneva Convention!
Shouldn't we just stick to more humane forms of mass extermination like nuclear and chemical weapons?

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

05 September 2003 01:43

how about jello with chopped peanuts..... imagine the horridness, the awful sensation of sucking down cool, clear, green # 572, and sugar, and discovering the chips of nuts colliding with your tongue... I'd rather have a Pavlova or Baked Alaska... ever had a BA? I did . I think it was somewhere in Colorado and it was my 30th birthday, I had left my boring chartered accountant husband to go to Aspen to make love under the stars and in a tipi ( or anywhere else) with my white water rafter boyfriend, .. oh but I digresssss..   anyhoo. also during the birthday supper.. I ate some what are colloquilly (sp) known as prairie oysters... with tartar sauce.... why not trick your emmets..  just say the dish is some kind of seafood. like octopuddli

Vile Jelly

05 September 2003 08:33

Because bull's whatsits would probably be less disgusting than the reality of the scum-sucking bottom-feeders we do serve up as local fish dishes!
Have you seen what's at the bottom of the sea these days? Would you want to consume something that feeds off it?

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

05 September 2003 18:09


Vile Jelly

05 September 2003 22:04

Personally, I would go for less than that!

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