Breakout From The Beachhead


03 September 2003 22:28

Many thanks

Many thanks for an informative and amusing site. We holiday in St Ives quite often and look forward to our return next year. Instead of just lying around on the beach and wondering round the shops next year, I thought I would do some research to find more interesting places and also learn about the town's history, and your site has helped a great deal.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.


Vile Jelly

04 September 2003 09:07

Informative? Us?
Cripes. Knock me down with a father (preferably not mine)! Usually all we get is accused of talking faeces and not sacrificing our every waking moment to keep people entertained for free!
Lots of interesting places in and around St. Ives and not all of them emmet-infested. If necessary, just dump wife and/or sprogs on boat to Seal Island and leg it while they are out at sea.
Get your walking boots on and go forth, young man!

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