Slamming Gates After The E-Mails Have Bolted!

Vile Jelly

Subject: I Blame Bill Gates!

Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 10:04:11 +0100

Sorry folks but I did warn you.
Due to the new computer being Windies XP instead of Windies 98 I lost the most recent crop of e-mails when I copied over my saved e-mail info.
So, to put it in a bombshell, I have lost whatever you sent me between Saturday and now. I'm pretty sure you all sent me something but I know not what.
If you've saved what you did can you re-send it. If not I apologise for not replying in my usual incoherent style as I haven't got the foggiest what you said.
PS. Still struggling to get everything up to speed so you are probably best keeping traffic down to a minimum this week as I have got loads of computer sh*t to shovel!
PPS. Does anyone know how to get rid of Windows XP?

Helen Bristol

09 September 2003 14:39

Re: I Blame Bill Gates!

His shoulders (like his wallet) are broad.
Not a lot of point as its no longer topical.  I thought it was a bit unusual for you to be initiating, as opposed to responding to, an emu.  I've somehow managed to switch off the thingy where I can look at sent/deleted/draft emus and BMs just gone out.  I'm too knackered to sort it out now - drove to Cambridge and back for a meeting and am feeling braindead.
PS best of luck - you'll need it.

Vile Jelly

12 September 2003 16:44

Too late, It's all gone tits up again.
Pass me the hydrospanners, Chewie!

Helen Bristol

12 September 2003 17:48

Well, there's lovely.  2 emus waiting for me when I hopve in after a day's toil on the coast, one from Laithwaite offering me F_R_E_E champoo, and t'other from your good ( I use the word loosely) self.
The Great Rebuild is proceeding.  The room is now plastered, nothing to do with Mr. Laithwaite.  A floor and some lights would be useful but, hey, a gal cain't have everything.
PS P'raps you should stick to chef-ing

Vile Jelly

13 September 2003 17:52

But then I can't help thinking of the irony of learning to fly a plane using microsoft flight stimulator and then applying that knowledge on them OBL style!
PS. Perhaps you should take up the offer of free 'poo. At least you'll be able to toast the demise of (alleged) civilisation in style.

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