Enfant Terrible (Gratinee)!

Gill Richards

15 September 2003 16:21

It's Rupert, you can't fool me!!! [see 12 Sept News Bulletin ]

Greetings. I shan't go on about my recent holiday, suffice to say it was great, as i know you have probably been working the skin off your fingers in the slave pit. Hope things are better now.

I was reading the new Radio Times letters page at the weekend and thought of you! There was a letter complaining about the 'Life Laundry' and how this chap was berated for having a collection of Shaun the Sheep. Apparently a grown man shouldn't have a collection of fluffy animals! Boo hiss i say, the presenter should definitely get a life and stop throwing out peoples prized possessions.

On the up side though, there are a lot of Shaun things for sale somewhere out there so keep your eyes open...!

Vile Jelly

15 September 2003 21:26

Oooh, so close and yet so far!
Still enmired in ems due to the (f)arts fest. They may not know anything about culture but they sure know how to trough!
Can't comment on the Life Laundrette really because as far as I am concerned anybody dumb enough to pay attention to all that sort of self-serving, ego-masturbating 'lifestyle'crap will be first in line when I finally conquer the known universe and introduce compulsory euthanasia for non-contributory members of society!

Gill Richards

16 September 2003 10:31

The Tat's raking it in then? troughing and culture = yoghurt!!!
Don't get me wrong. I too do not watch such pap. Cripes, i'm glad i contribute to society.
Just been to the Eye Hospital for a check up. They put drops in to dilate my pupils. I now feel like Dracula because i can't look out of the window!

Vile Jelly

16 September 2003 18:00

Why waste time diluting pupils?
Given the painful imbecility of the modern educational generations, why not just skip dilution (and marinading) and get them straight into the robo now!

Gill Richards

18 September 2003 11:14

there'd be more of them with less brain....erk!
don't unnerstand, what's robo?

Vile Jelly

18 September 2003 11:31

How could they possibly have less brain then at present? Is there such a thing as a minus-brain?
Just imagine it ..... have a lobotomy and increase your IQ! Now, there's a thought.
PS. Robo = Robochef aka industrial strength food processor.

Gill Richards

18 September 2003 11:35

Aw, come on .The NHS waiting lists are huge now. Start offering to increase IQ and no-one would get anything done! Perhaps they should try to invent a pill like the non-existent diet pill and offer that?!
I like the Robo idea now.....

Vile Jelly

18 September 2003 19:12

I was being metaphysical ..... the only consolation that I derive from my futile existence is that there isn't a future worth planning for (unless your future features 'tests' that are virtually impossible to fail.
Let's hope that the afterlife is a meritocracy because sure as hell/death/taxes/warstojustifyourpisspoorstewardshipoftthepeopleyouaresupposedtorepresent this life ain't.
PS. On larger objects such as children you need to use 'pulse'. Believe us, we've tried it!

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