Taking The Euro-nation!

"St? Winwaloe"

22 September 2003 10:53

Re: Saintly Thoughts

You have of course come up with the answer. The RT have the Euroloot and are spending. New, short wheal base Aston Marton DB9 on its way in Doombar brown(ish). Don't see anything sic in shooting the peasants the ******* deserve it!! - Keep up the good work!

Vile Jelly

22 September 2003 15:20

But surely if they had the Eurodosh they'd live somewhere fiendishly expensive ..... er, like St. Ives.

The little buggers. They'll be for it when they get back from the pub unless they start coughing for some Doom Bar pronto.

PS. If you live in the Home Counties does that mean everywhere else is foreign?

"St? Winwaloe"

26 September 2003 10:24

Dydh da - Well on the basis that ST Winwaloe must be a Cornishman then everywhere else is foreign. What is Andrew Macdoda doing in Lowstoff? Used to have a Lowestoffian lady work for me, kept on calling me "little old boy" and assured me it should be Lowstoff and nothing else. As for Porridge, sorry Norwich. I used to go fencing up there (swords not garden) strange lot they seem to have/make up their own rules. Now bout this Gorsedd thing tesn't Gorsedd tes Gorseth. I don't recall from my pre Beaker People days that there was any tradition of Gorseth in Cornwall. Think it was created in 1928 when the Welsch decided to look kindly and up to those the right side of the Tamar. Probably a bit like the Cornish Tartan ( now that really is the most ************************ invention although spose the Americans like it). Is there peace?   - - Actually think teh Gorseth is a great idea as it is building the language and literature content. An lavar koth, yw lavar gwir tus heb tavas yw tus heb tir! - - Watch out for the Canary! 

Vile Jelly

26 September 2003 14:52

Well, thanks for that, I think it will be quite a revelation to the Cornish people living in Cornwall who for some demented reason insist on calling it the Gorsedd. Stupid sods, what would they know, eh? I trust that you willsend in your panzer battalions and exterminate all these wrong thinkers!

PS. How do you work out that 'St? Winwaloe' is Cornish. Everyone knows that real saints always come from some other place, e.g. St. George (Lebanese), St. Patrick (Roman), St. Elsewhere (American), St. Bernard (dog), St. Eia (Mick). Ipso facto, your claim to Cornish sainthood proves that you are a furriner!

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