Giving Them The Bird

Helen Bristol

22 September 2003 20:44

Re: I Blame Bill Gates!

Its quite possible that there is also a Blue String Pud, some ingredients are sooooo versatile.  But Bm definately remembers the soup (may be something to do with the skool he went to)
PS I always use smooth even strokes.

Vile Jelly

22 September 2003 22:01

According to Gill Richards it's soup too, so there we have it (although BM, at present, doesn't!).
PS. I didn't know you were a masseuse. My spasming spine, my distressed dorsal, my buggered back looks forward to your arrival.

Helen Bristol

23 September 2003 21:02

You some kind of contortionist?
Not only smooth, even  strokes (at the correct angle, of course), but de-stressing your dorsal (is that as in fin?)......and then there are the oils.........
PS If Ta4 = 1 emu, does Ta8 = 2?

Vile Jelly

24 September 2003 08:24

Yes, now pay up the money or I'll publish the negatives!
Tried chip oil baths but (1) not much sign of improvement and (2) it's bloody hot in those fryers.
PS. Depends whether the number is a simple multiple or a power. In the latter case then 2Ta4 = 2 emus and Ta8 = 1 cassowary.

Helen Bristol

24 September 2003 17:44

Publish and be damned! You can't frighten me......................well, perhaps on a moonless night down a dark alley..............but that's another story.
Trouble with chip oil is the lack of essential oils and I rather think the punters might notice if their Freedom Fries smelled/tasted of lavender or basil.................... but then again perhaps not........ I tried a soak in a steamy oily bath last night and nearly got stuck when my back seized up.  Necessity being the mother of invention I did manage to extract myself. 
A cassowary in the Tate would be an improvement on some of their exhibits.

Vile Jelly

25 September 2003 08:27

I would have thought oil would have rather had an un-sticking effect. Anyway, I think that the whole thing is a subject best left no further explored. Some people down here might take umbrage at you doing impressions of a human Torrey Canyon!
PS. Tried it but the cassowaries all legged it when they saw Damien Hirst approaching!

Helen Bristol

26 September 2003 18:22

Super I may be but not of supertanker proportions.
3 more working days to go then weeks of hols!!!!!!!

Vile Jelly

27 September 2003 09:24

WEEKS! Why? What have you done to deserve holidays? Why can't you work 6 days a week for bugger all like the rest of us?
No wonder the country's in such a mess. Is anyone upcountry working or are you all on maternity/paternity/eternity leave in between taking your 51 weeks a year holiday entitlement? I'll have to get a job at your place, that way I could spend more time in Cornwall enjoying it!
Don't even dare turn up here looking smug!

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