Vile Bodies

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

23 September 2003 22:04

Re: feckin potato rompers clogging amid the stoneyards

o pauls  I do nearly weep with longing for the pizza shop in dawson with the HIGH SPEED INTERNET.... and cool folk.. this feckin burg has no scene and I must occupy a filthy cafeteria here at the rec centre.. all sticky with gum and pop and gads whatever else and the fecking mouse won't answer the helm and keyboard looks and feels like it was in a kindergarten class for 5 years without a single wipe... oh and it takes up so much time when I could be actually writing... the only other option is the library at the school conveniently open only 4- 7 and closed on the weekends and fucking monday too....well I just ate a kit Kat chocolate bar to fortify myself.. luckily.

and the term may be "gone dixup" maybe give it a try among the pots and pan crowd.. My decription of you is this... really slim with black hair tied up in a gros grain bow, white t shirts with various fuck you type slogans... and those fire proof pants  black check maybe... I also think you have a butterfly tatoo on your right forearm  and a little shamrock  on your left wrist. or  really blonde short hair with the same tatoos.. and still nice and slim... that was the original image from when we were talking about you cheffing buff. oh, an earring in both ears, 2 in one... style is optional but likely a gold piratey hoop and a diamond in one.. and maybe a small art nouveaue dragonfly in the other ear... looks nice with your head scarf which is black of course.  well?

Vile Jelly

24 September 2003 08:37

Well, if you will go off to dodgy foreign climes ..... !
I'm afraid your imaginations of me are so wildly inaccurate as to probably infringe the Trade Descriptions Act. Think of something as hideous and disgusting as the internet slum you are using and you won't be far out. Unfortunately publication of accurate descriptions (or pictures) of me are banned by both the Obscene Publications Act and the European Convention on Human Rights!

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

27 September 2003 00:17

okokokokokok  so what is the internet slum? I don't get it as usual... well ok  King Lear played by Peter U? or L. of Arabia p.otoooool.. o mysterious one..   

the cranes are in Texas and the swallows in Venezuela soon, and I have a broken winged junco now living with the finches and canaries... there's a gay society finch who spotted the newcomer right away and made OVERTURES and sonatas... so nice to have a pal, and the latter used to sit beside a married finchgirl and hope... until her lad cheeped in protest. love in the time of chrysanthemums.  My daughter in Kyoto sent me a package which is in my backpack, recently retrieved from the post.. I hope its a pair of silk wings or a kimono or both.   she's a weaver, and wyld.. you would like her, though she tends to like guys who make knives and get lots of parts pierced if you get my drift....

Vile Jelly

27 September 2003 09:32

I was referring to the dingy computer cafe you were wittering on about.
If your daughter likes blokes with sharp implements no wonder she ended up in Japan. They're always lopping things off there ...... mainly heads from Allied POWS!
PS. Silk wings sound interesting but how aerodynamic are you? We look forward to your maiden flight (especially now Concorde is going out of service). That should liven up the skies a bit.

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