Whisky Mac

Andrew Macdonald

26 September 2003 12:48

Re: The New Monarchy

The cat is out digging it even as we speak (type, write,...)
I never fail to be amazed at the breadth of Faintly Saintly's talents - on top of everything else, a lifeboatman to boot.  Almost the Austin Powers of the fringe Celtic saints Sunday B league.
Harvey, by the way, is a six foot tall white rabbit and good friend of Elmer P Dowd.  Nothing at all wrong in that, except that very few people except Elmer P, and possibly James Stewart, have ever seen him.
When I was up in Rochdale a few days back, I was heading back to the hotel (Travel Inn, Milnrow.  Eat somewhere else.) when I passed a road which must be an estate agent's nightmare.  It's called Uncouth Road.  There's probably a little row of houses down there called Gobinthestreet Villas.  We had a better one round here until recently called Sluts Hole Lane, until the inhabitants got a little restless about it and renamed it Cherry Blossom Avenue or something similar.  Apparently, it's something to do with drainage in Dutch,  but no doubt St W will be able to translate for us.  And this is probably not the place to mention the alley behind St Paul's Cathedral which was a famous haunt of ladies of negotiable virtue and their customers and business associates.
Mornington Crescent.

Vile Jelly

26 September 2003 14:57

So, he must be a real cool hep cat if he's digging it, man! Let us know what you find and I'll consult further with La Soupie.
But he isn't a lifeboat man, he's a governor. Presumably it's like being Governor of the Bonk of England where you do bugger all except sign a few notes!
Yes, I know who Harvey was, it's the aforementioned Mr W who is in need of enlightenment (or a few drinks).
Well, of course, we've got the legendary Virgin Street (presumably for those not found round the back of St. Paul's!), the gorgeous sounding Salubrious Place but my favourite is that there is a house called Southern Comfort ..... and it's on Teetotal Street!

Andrew Macdonald

26 September 2003 15:45

"There ain't no hep cats any more"  - Chuck E Weiss
Next time I see CM I'll ask him, but there is some evidence that he may in fact have been burying something.
I have no doubt but that you, being the all round polymath, omniscient, and soi-disant tout-savant that you are, will know who Harvey was;  I was merely trying to cast a little enlightenment St W's way (as requested), saints often being short on enlightenment.
Good thought.  I think we'll rename the house "The Macallan 25 Year Old House"

Vile Jelly

26 September 2003 17:38

What about Audrey Hepcat? Bugger, she's shuffled off this mortal coil so I guess the case is proven.
OK, I'll hold my appendages up to the accusations of 'soi-distant' (c'est vrai) and 'tout-savant' (yes, I am a total savage!) but I disagree with 'omniscient' (I certainly won't eat anything from the brassica clan) and as for 'polymath' I couldn't add up half a dozen parrots to save my life.
PS. My dream house is called 'Dunnitmadeitgotityoucanallbuggeroff'.

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