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"St? Winwaloe"

27 September 2003 12:07

Re: Saintly Thoughts

www.gorsethkernow.org.uk - stupid sods these Bards! - - Actually St Winwaloe is Cornish and all other aforementioned Saints actually came from the Country they represent. It is only spin by various adverse societies (Ancient Order Of Dragons, Welcsh Leek Society and others)that make you believe otherwise.Always seeks advice from those that know the great and mighty St Winwaloe!!

Vile Jelly

27 September 2003 15:30

But no one knows you. As far as we are aware you are just a figment of the Reporting Team's imagination!

PS. Thought we'd explained this one before: You're blathering on in BBC Cornish which is the entirely fictitious variant invented by bored Oxbridge philologists to keep themselves in jobs. West Penwithian Cornish has nothing to do with such rubbish and as such you would be deservedly stoned to death (or at least met with looks of complete incomprehension) in the unlikely event you turned up and started spouting it. You can't trust bards to know what they're on about. If they did, they wouldn't be bards but something useful.

You can't believe all you read in the Stockbroker Belt, you know! Some of us are reporting from the trenches, not the billiards room of High Command at some stately home.

"St? Winwaloe"

28 September 2003 17:58

Jenner might have had something to say about that!!! - Anyway on the basis that Cornish is a revived language and that the variant agreed by the Bards is that taught in the schools (so I am told)you lot might have a problem!! Never heard any Cornish in St Ives, perhaps I missed it? Heard it in Zennor and St Just though. Don't ever forget that those in teh trenches have no idea as to what is really happening it's only the high command that really knows. So peasant back to the fish fingers!! - Long live Kesva an Taves Kernewek!!!!!!!!!! I may have to withdraw my blessing on you - NB re being understood in WP last time I was in StI I would have stood a better chance of being understood if I could speak with an accent from somewhere North of Luton (I can't). Well apart from teh lady next door who was very much a local - Now, where was it you came from??

Vile Jelly

29 September 2003 09:26

Like I said, I came from the frozen north.

Like I said, I live down here.

The latter might explain why I know Cornish people. My next door neighbour's Dad was one of the men killed in the 1939 Lifeboat Disaster. How up to speed on St. Ives and Cornwall is your neighbour?

"St? Winwaloe"

29 September 2003 09:49

Hoighty Toighty!!! The neighbour I meant was the one next door to the house I was in at St Ives. Family been there since the days of the Ark I gather. As to up to speed, I've met many, many people living outside of Cornwall who are more up to speed about what is happening than some of those that live there. Not all Scots are budding Rob Roy's and not all Cornish are latent An Gove! Perhaps those living outside of Cornwall and/or West Penwith have a differnt perspective because it is wider. It does not take away from the selected "on the ground view" but a broad-based view is no less valuable. Parish pump or County ! - - Anyway I add to the area of knowledge that interests me on a daily basis and will continue to do so.

Vile Jelly

29 September 2003 15:47

Up to speed with what's happening where?

The last time I looked, the website was about St. Ives (and its immediate environs). Hardly likely to be reviewing the military situation in Iraq or organising a forum to brainstorm kick-starting the world economy, is it? You'll find that the local press down here is much the same. All full of stuff about Cornwall for some reason.

My god, that must mean that no one in Cornwall realises that there is life outside the county!

"St? Winwaloe"

29 September 2003 17:01

Agreed on that then. Why so prickly about the fact that people living outside of the county or country have an interest and a real knowledge. RE the Cambridge Don bit. It was very rarely the peasants who promoted a language. There is not huge amounts of Cornish literature (in Cornish) that is. The language probably never really died out as the threads have always been retained in parts. However, to make the language a useful one it needed development and updating and this is what Nance and Jenner did. Or am I wrong, I am sure you will tell me. I freely accept that my main study area of interest in Cornish culture and folklore. But I am well aware of the modern day issues and i keep as up to date as I can on a broad outlook. You seem angry that someone outside the county has a view and/or opinion. That could present a problem to a lot of people all over the World. - - - - Anyway, no more serious stuff I will let you get back to soup dragons, rabbits and the like and I will get back to the piskies and mermaids -

NB - if you and the reporting team are so ****** clever why no more info on the whatever it is that haunts Porthmeor beach??!! Info required, get them to sit out there at night with their notebooks and hotty bottles

Vile Jelly

30 September 2003 09:34

To be honest, I was put off the whole Cornish language revival thing when I was researching the local place names and discovered what a shocking lash-up most of the allegedly scientific research was. Honest, it was a real case of 'break up the word into components; first bit is house, second bit looks like the Welsh for cow if you swap some letters around, third bit might be something like dance or dancing, no idea what the last bit is, so when in doubt with Cornish, we'll call it blue. Thus, the place name means 'House By The Dancing Blue Cow'!

As for reinventing the language from scratch, I have no doubt it's all done on a very philologically sound basis, but then Tolkien did the same thing with the Middle Earth languages. So, maybe if the Cornish language revival doesn't catch on we could piggyback on the current wave of popular interest and adopt Elven as the language! We could turn the whole county into a Middle Earth theme park. Bags be a Rider of Rohan, you can come in a nightie and be Gandalf, Big Mac and Helling can be Aragorn and Arwen. No prizes for guessing who'll be playing the orcs!

PS. The RT won't go anywhere near Porthmeor at night because (1) they are in the pub and (2) when they are not in the pub they are generally in a post-pub coma. Of course, the mysterious sightings might just be of the RT wandering around in a drunken daze trying to remember the way home!

PPS. No objection to people promoting Cornish culture, bardy or otherwise, but just think they should concentrate efforts and resources on getting the local economy and society on a long-term viable basis first. Not much point promoting the culture if the indigenous natives who created the culture have been wiped out. (Although I do believe the Americans tried it with the Indians. Have to check how that one turned out. All amicably, no doubt!).

PPPS. Good news! A friend was saying that he'd heard a (national not parochial) radio station discussing top places to go for a break in the UK. St. Ives wasn't rated and when someone mentioned this the consensus was that St. Ives has now become a victim of its own success to the point where it's actually not a very nice place to be a lot of the time. Now, if only 'the powers-that-fail-to-be' down here would realise that there's no point appealing for any more visitors because there's nowhere for them to fit in. Lower the quantity, up the quality. That's what we say. When it comes down to looking for a market St. Ives should be a Ferrari, not a people carrier!

"St? Winwaloe"

30 September 2003 13:55

I agree but you have to give them some credit for trying. People without a language  = people without a land etc etc. Now I like the idea of the Elvish. This could be very good and I would be a great wizard. Could the RT be small (very small)Ents? - - I know who could be the Elvish Queen!!!! - - -Get the RT out of the pub I really need to know about the rolling calf on the beach.  perhaps you could wait until you get your £800K library upgrade and send them in for a book or two? - -What are the pans for the library really like. Hear the reaction is mixed.

Vile Jelly

01 October 2003 10:34

Oh, I reckon it's just the bloated corpses of dead surfers being brought in on the autumn tides.

Now, if it was a rolling cow I'd suspect it was an emmet left over from the summer. We've had some real blimps down here this year. Personally, even if you have got that much surplus flesh there's still no need to share it with everyone else.

I didn't know they were putting kitchen utensils in the library. Thought it was just books and such stuff!

Personally, I've not been in the library much. Odd visit to the now moved St. Ives Archive thingy. The place is currently miniscule so can't see how expansion can be anything but an improvement (they might discover books written in the second half of the twentieth century!). That said, it seems as much a meeting place for the olds as a library so maybe they're offended by having it modernised.

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