Sign Qua Non

Janet Bentley

13 October 2003 15:57

Signs of the times?

Dear Mr Jelly,
                According to the Beeb on-line, and I quote 
'St Piran replaces  Tudor rose. Geevor Mine is to become the first attraction in Cornwall to display the new St Piran's flag tourist symbol.  It follows campaigns by groups in the county opposed to the Tudor rose signs.  Many of those signs were vandalised.  The Flag of St Piran signs will be unveiled next week

Is this 'one up' on St Winwaloe? or will he paint out the St Piran flags on the new signs?

Vile Jelly

13 October 2003 21:11

Damn, we were hoping they'd go for the pasties motif!
Don't know how Winnie will react. Maybe he looks like the flag of St. Piran and so won't notice. Don't want to worry the dear boy too much at this point, he's having enough difficulty coming to terms with Harvey the Invisible Rabbit!

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