"St? Winwaloe"

14 October 2003 10:57

The Rabbits and the Bees were a crying and a sobbing

Rabbits and bees? that explains a lot! However, it may mean that I can add Bunny Hunny to the expanding list of St Winwaloe's Finest Authentic Cornish Product (made in China). Mind you there is bound to be a sting in the tail.

That music programme on telly. I'm glad that Alex won as she jolly well deserved too do so. That girl has REAL talent and will go a very long way. Don't know whether she will qualify for the new Voice of Cornwall (RIP BW, whose music fills the Winwaloe Halls) but she really is very good and also easy on the eye. Always had a soft spot for pixies. Stayed at Hayle once, many many moons ago, the Saintly robes got eaten by moths.

Benatugana - Tereba nessa - Winwaloe   

Vile Jelly

14 October 2003 15:17

But will it be firm or runny bunny hunny?

Well, I can't say I have the slightest interest in these Poop Idle or whatever programmes other than I am as yet unaware of anything or anyone worthwhile emerging from them so far. Maybe this Alex will break the mould, I do like his cartoon in the Daily Torygraph.

"St? Winwaloe"

15 October 2003 09:18

It will be marketed as Sunny Runny Bunny Hunny from St Ives

Vile Jelly

15 October 2003 10:00

But how will people pay for it?

Will they have to go to the bank to exchange their English Euros for St Ives Sunny Runny Bunny Hunny Munny?

"St? Winwaloe"

16 October 2003 08:25

Will make a mess of the pockets on their finest Sunday attire

Vile Jelly

16 October 2003 16:32

No, it's the hunny that's runny not the munny. That would make it funny munny.

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