The Natives Are Restless

Miniminx72 [Are you any relation to Minnie The Minx?]

25 March 2002 13:16

spooky st ives website

I have just found your brilliant, entertaining, informative website-as a resident of St Ives I will certainly be telling others to check this site out-keep up the good work!

Oh dear, we were hoping that no one in St. Ives found out about it for fear of being dumped off the end of Smeaton's Pier wearing concrete slippers!
Remember, if anyone asks, you haven't seen us.

PS. Where on earth did you get that lurid background on your e-mail from?

PPS. We tried replying to you but kept getting a 'Delivery Failure' message. Your ISP seems to be not so much AOL as AWOL! Maybe you should give that irritating woman who lives in the computer a boot up the bum.

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