A Bill You Can't Afford?

Helen Bristol

18 October 2003 17:36

Lost in the Ether

Thought it was a bit odd not getting a reply to my last emu - and there it was on SSI.  If you sent it its lost somewhere out there.  Who knows in 5 million years it might arrive on planet Zog and they will be wondering what on zog its all about.
Ashley you're wrong, if not entirely bloke-ist.  What with my knackered spine, and having to save myself for activities that REALLY matter, usually BM will vac ( though not shake 'n' .. but I'm working on that) if asked nicely. All the blokes in my life are perfectly capable of fending for themselves and me - its a self preservation strategy so that they can look after me in my dotage in about 9(0) years time. When I get older, losing my hair...............
PS Lucy has spent the day sulking in the dining room - you know what these teenagers are like - cos BM wouldn't let her help with painting the back parlour..............at last the end is in sight. I suppose I'll have to bribe her by promising another trip to SI.
PPS Just thought - is Blue String seasonal?

Vile Jelly

18 October 2003 18:03

What do you mean, IF?
Of course, I did. Your the only person I know who I can josh about the M/F thing. I'd be arrested (like my development) if I indulged in such badinage with mere mortals!
PS. Polly says 'hi' to Lucy and ..... 'any colour except red!'. I presume it's some sort of lobstery thing but I prefer not to stick my nose into the RT's personal issues.
PPS. Soupie informs me that BSS is seasonal ..... but it is tied to lunar phases rather than the shallow perceptions of mere human beans.

Helen Bristol

19 October 2003 11:48

Well I still haven't received it.
Nice to be unique!  At last I've found a meaning to my life. One has to quasi-mythical to understand these things.............as you yourself well know.
PS you were up early for work this morning?   .........................or were you having trouble with the RT after their night out on the tiles?

Vile Jelly

19 October 2003 16:14

Up at the umpteenth crack of dawn to feed the resis and transient ems. A 24 carat turd of a shift to be honest.
Still, a day off tomorrow. One thing I can guarantee after all these early starts is that, given the opportunity of a lie-in, I'll be completely wired at 6am with nary a shred of sleepiness left in me.
Oh well, at least I'll be able to greet the RT when they lurch in from another dusk til dawn sesh!

Helen Bristol

19 October 2003 16:58

sumtink odd going on here - so I guess all we can do is blame Big Bill. You apparently sent emus on 17th and 18th but nothing came through here until toadie. Ne'mind.  Keeps me on me toes will he/won't he !!!  Mind you, it is a long way from SI to East Angular.

Vile Jelly

19 October 2003 18:33

What else can we do except follow the suggestion of Mr. Quarantine Tarantula and ,,,,,
Kill Bill!

Helen Bristol

19 October 2003 20:52

Just so

Helen Bristol

22 October 2003 18:09

"tomorrow" as in Tomorrow (Monday) or yesterday (Tuesday).  Still haven't got up-to-speed in the world of work, or indeed in the world full stop.
I wish I could say the same for me re no shred of sleepiness, but have always been a late starter.
PS Its cold 'n' I don't like it.  Think I'll go and find my ball of pink fluff and hibernate til Spring.

Vile Jelly

22 October 2003 18:31

(Dr) Who knows?
I've always finding travelling in the space/time continuum confusing.
Fork tune ately, I have the ability to recede back into my formative years thanks to the advent of the video.
It's winter. It's getting nippy around the whatsits. What better time to snuggle up in front of a warm TV, a bottle of heart-warming red wine (St. Emillion or Margaux for moi) and .....
..... Tom Baker as THE Doctor Who in THE classic Pyramids of Mars.

Helen Bristol

23 October 2003 17:48

Ah, that incarnation, I remember it well.
The winter warmers sound good but I still want my ball of pink fluff as well.  Miserablement the TV has gone all pixilated (hope its not catching) since BM installed the DVD player and Free-view box thingy.

Vile Jelly

23 October 2003 18:48

But you had a pink fluff ball. Kustid still can't believe you didn't ask him back to East Angular.
You don't see pink cats wasting everybody's time installing dodgy electrical equipment do you?

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