Feeling Sheepish

Lucy T. Lobster

24 October 2003 16:49

Re: F2M

Of course you did but wot I ment was the Shauns.  How'm i s'posed to no which one is Shaun and which one is Shaun?  Enywey, I wont to no to whom I am talking to. AND wot about the rest of the RT?  Oh, I've just spotted a spelling misteak in my emu..............that shuld have read "Mavis"
So c'mon guys, why let the Shaun twins get all the action? Will someone tell Shaun that Spooky's headgear ill-becomes him.

The Soup Dragon

25 October 2003 12:29

Lucy, it is I, Soupie.
Now, what's this I hear from the boys that you have been advertising your wares in the desperately seeking columns. Have faith, gal, the right person will come along eventually.
PS. Shaun's the one with the black skin and the white wool and Shaun is the one with white wool and black skin. And they're actually not twins but identical strangers (or so they claim).
PPS. The headgear (dodgy or otherwise) is how we tell them apart so it will have to stay I'm afraid.

Lucy T. Lobster

25 October 2003 17:05

Oooh, Soupie, my heroine!  Helling has told me so much about you, though I think she was exaggerating, cos no one, not even a Soup Dragon, could have done THAT. (promise I won't tell a sole - no one will winkle it out of me)
Its lonely here miles from the coast for a Lobster.The only other lobsters around here are up to their necks in hot water and that's not my scene.  I'm bored, there's nothing to do here. None of the crabbie kids down the Rec want to know me and make fun of me and enyway they all get drunk on lemonade (!). At least at Great Yarmouth there's the Pleasure(?) Beach and the bikers cruising up and down the Golden Mile.  I just thought I might meet someone that I could email with ( you know like Mr Vile Jelly and Helling, or that saintly person and Spooky) Oh, b****r I can't find my hankie- sniff
PS so which Shaun is which? Which Shaun wears the bandana, is it Shaun or Shaun?

The Soup Dragon

26 October 2003 17:42

Fret not, dear heart. I'm sure Helling can give you a few tips on how to locate suitable partners (and extract alcohol from them). Talking of which ..... in BM's case we are hoping to introduce him to Orm next time he's down. Hopefully, a good squeezing should yield vintage Doom Bar!
I wouldn't worry about hanging out with the local yoof if I were you. I've had the misfortune to visit a few seaside towns in my travels and they are definitely not the ones you want to consort with. Mark my words (out of 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest) crustaceans who misbehave soon find themselves in hot water!
PS. Shaun is the one with the bandanna.


28 October 2003 10:06

Now look here, Soupie!  'tis Helling
Lucy has just shown me your latest missive.  I'm not sure quite what you mean by partners in the plural nor the reference to alcohol extraction. I trust you're not casting nasturtiums. 
And I really would be careful about squeezing BM too hard - you could well get more than you bargained for............... Enywey, we came bearing not only the offer of a sumptious repast, but also some of our local nectar.  Sadly, the great VJ was not up to it, so the much travelled brew had to be force fed to BM.  Ah! the sacrifices one makes for one's friends.
PS Lucy says "thank you" ( she's so well brought up) she's happy now she knows which one is Shaun.  She's cut his picture out and it is stuck on the side of her tank.

The Soup Dragon

28 October 2003 15:29

Oh no sirree Bob, no nasturtiums being cast, the multiple of partners referring to the potential numbers for Lucy. Of course, if there's anything you like to 'fess up to you know where to find me.
PS. We didn't know Lucy has a tank. Well cool. The RT are suitably impressed (and slightly envious). They'd love to have a tank, especially for negotiating the streets of St. Ives in the summer. Is it a Challenger 2, Abrams or T-90?


28 October 2003 18:02

'fess, moi?  I've done all the necessary 'fessing to Father Andrew  but I'll bare you in mind when the need arises.
Still say you're casting nasturtiums..................Lucy isn't that sort of crustacean......................she's a one Shaun gal
Ashley, its a "Little Tank", like the one in 'ello 'ello.  She's very proud of it and will probably want to bring it down to SI to cruise the Wharf and reduce the emmet population somewhat.

The Soup Dragon

29 October 2003 16:39

So, who's this Pa Andy person, some sort of police interrogator? Take the fifth!
No, no, you still misapprehend me (as opposed to the police who constantly apprehend VJ), I was merely referring to the possibility of having more than one choice. Of course, if she's set on Shaun I'll ask Sonic to have a paternal word with him about the birds and the bees (although knowing Shaun he'll probably just come away thinking he's just been given a top recipe for honeyed chicken!). May my scales fall off before I am caught slagging off us gals.
PS. The boys are a bit worried that they won't all be able to fit in Ashley. Any chance he can bring some of his friends with him?


29 October 2003 18:18

He's also affectionately known as Andy Pandy but never to his face.
I' ve spoken to Ashley and he can probably round up some mates; Valentine, Morris and the Bishop, but old Sherman can't make it.

The Soup Dragon

29 October 2003 19:28

Well, frankly m'dear, I'm getting a bit worried.
You know how boisterous young males can be. Well, apparently the blokish element of the RT are talking about bringing in tigers and panthers. Honestly, I don't know where they get their ideas from ..... unless it's their latest mag, What Panzer.

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