Going Through A Bad Spell

mike brown

26 March 2002 19:18

hi can u help [What with? Your spelling, your punctuation or your social skills?]

meaning of the word



Vile Jelly

26 March 2002 21:56

Tregenna - derivation debatable.
'Tre' is obviously the standard prefix denoting a home/hearth/farm/dwelling but the 'genna' bit is obscure. Some scholars argue that it is a person's name, others have argued that it means an opening or entrance. Interestingly if you come into St. Ives from Carbis Bay you pass through the various 'Tregennas' on the heights before you drop into Downlong. Hence, I have attributed Tregenna in  the street names section as meaning 'dwelling at the entrance'.
You're welcome.
No charge (boo hoo!).

mike brown

26 March 2002 22:02

enclosed 3 groats as pay ment

i worked it out as town hoouse
oh so sorry groats outlawed by king
my thanks instead

[Pah! Gratitude pays no bills and buys no beer. Mind you, the Shauns were quite interested as they originally thought that you were sending three goats as payment!]

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