Words Into Plow Shares

Gill Richards

27 October 2003 08:32

all due to the fact that water was dodgy. they brewed a secondary beer with the same hops which wasn't as strong and so had a 'small' amount of alcyhol. they gave it to the kids cos it wasn't as strong.

Vile Jelly

27 October 2003 15:30

Acshually, the small beer was usually the third brew by which time its alcohol content was about the same as a can of Top Deck shandy. The first brew was the good stuff that used to go to the Abbot, Sheriff of Nottingham, etc. The second brew was the normal strength stuff doled out to Piers Plowman and the third etc.

Gill Richards

27 October 2003 15:43

but not as sweet. who's Piers Plowman? etc = kids, village idiot and us poor wimmen probably

Vile Jelly

28 October 2003 08:40

Quite probably knowing the sexist, ageist medievalists. Although possibly the village idiot got the good stuff to inspire him to further heights of idiocy for entertainment purposes!
Piers Plowman is/was one of the first surviving 'social' poems written about ordinary people. It was written (in Middle English) by a bloke called William Langland in the 14th cent and is a sort of allegorical/satirical quest which parodies the classic chivalric quest story. However it features not some Sir Galahad type but Joe Q. Public (or Piers Plowman as he was known in the middle ages) and his struggles to do better in life. It was a source of inspiration for both Milton and Bunyan in their later oeuvres.
Not bad for a mere emmet-feeder, eh?

Gill Richards

29 October 2003 08:24

The good stuff and lots of it.
Well, you learn something new everyday don't you. Never heard of it, but then we didn't do English/social history at school, I was in the age group who had to learn such wonders as the history of medicine and Irish politics.
I shall spend some time on the web and find it.
Those of us who correspond with you know you are not a 'mere' anything!
PS Did Helling come up with a Blue String Soup recipe?

Vile Jelly

29 October 2003 16:39

I doubt if the ilk of Piers Plowman is the subject of school curriculums (curriculae? curricula, I think), I came across it at uni. It would require some sort of thought process to analyse it and that would bugger the grade curve!
PS. Helling claims to extracted the info from Soupie although she (H) has yet to confirm a successful re-creation of BSS under East Angularian laboratory conditions.

Gill Richards

29 October 2003 17:15

Might have been mentioned though. Have you been listening to Gilbert and Sullivan? I'm sure they did a song about curricula and blah de blah. (Don't like them meself, too much 'tra le la')
tell her to keep up the good work

Vile Jelly

29 October 2003 19:23

Which one? Helling or Soupie?

Gill Richards

30 October 2003 08:21

i don't know now. Both i guess

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