Knights In Wine Chattin'

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

29 October 2003 00:57

Re: feckin potato rompers clogging amid the stoneyards

no darling... just getting feckin cold to walk down to enjoy 30 minutes of fast typing and its really boring to me.. the town has dark ages internet .. tin cans and string practically..  soon I will be back to Dawson at the pizza shop and money talks man   $5.00 gets a whole hour and there are 6 machines.. so how are ye?     these winter nights make me want to be prancing around King Arthur's court in dark green velvet... with some prospect of courtly or otherwise love, somewhere in room hung with tapestries.and tiny leaded glass windows high up overlooking the bleak moor... and on and on.....

Vile Jelly

29 October 2003 16:39

Well, if you will insist on living out on the final frontier .....
Winter has set in down here too. Albeit of a slightly less frosty nature.
Interesting thought about King Arthur but I think you'll find that courtly or any sort of love would be out of the question. My mate Brian was an English grad and so did Gawain and The Green Knight and things of that ilk and pointed out that most of the stories seem to involve KA and the KOTRT sitting in a banquet ale slinging the wine back for hours on end whereupon some mysterious event takes place which leaves them 'subject to enchantment and amazement'. Hell, if I'd been on the plonk for hours at a time I think I would be too.
And, as you no doubt aware, all that plonk has an effect on the 'courtly or other' love!
No, if you'll excuse me, I've got the night off and so I think I shall go out and try to get subject to enchantment and amazement.

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