Getting Horny?

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

01 November 2003 22:58

Re: feckin potato rompers clogging amid the stoneyards

did I ever tell you about the man dressed all in green who I met at the Bristol Mind Body Spirit Festival in about l980? he asked me back to his farm to hang out with other horned gods  I didn't go being faithful to my poet lover back in Halifax, however, I sometime wonder what would have happened... and who was that guy? why didn't I go?  still, I would go now.. though not many forest folk up here.. lots of hunters but no leather jerkins and yew longbows .. the great dark oaks, tiny sparks under the mossy forms, faery dances with music made upon the wings of moths.   hey, I'll be offline a while as moving to a cabin near Dawson.. and net is available in town.. tonight I am going to a neighbour's homefor dinner as 2 Swiss folks are departing for their mountains.. I was asked to wear my favourite hat and so the maroon velvet covered in mirrors, sort of a burghers cap..  your pal, is he a re enactor from the l2th C ....?

Vile Jelly

02 November 2003 08:52

Never trust a bloke with antlers, that's what I say. It's just not practical and think of the difficulty in finding hats that fit!
You might be OK with the leather jerks but I'd definitely stay away from the yew longbows. I had a go on one once. You need muscles like King Kong after a course of steroids to bend the bloody things.
PS. No, Brian works in insurance, which over here is much like living in the Middle Ages!

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