Gunpowder Plot

Gill Richards

05 November 2003 11:42

a sting on the tail

So, it was one's bday was it? i wondered  why you'd gone quiet. All that beer obviously. Bday now makes you a Scorpio, apparently the sexiest sign of the Zodiac, prone to outbursts (that'd be the sting).

I hear there's a firework display on the pier tonite put on by the Slurp. Make sure all the fluffies are inside, don't want to frighten them!


Vile Jelly

05 November 2003 16:28

Pah! The RT are not afraid of mere fireworks.

On the other hand some of them are quite combustible (especially the Shauns) so I suggested that they should stay inside today. Surprisingly they agreed with nary a quibble .....

..... since when they have stayed inside the Sloop!

PS. Right about the venomous nature, wrong about the sexy.

Gill Richards

06 November 2003 08:45

You wouldn't want them to get too near the bonfire, you could have all sorts of versions; Shaun Fawkes, Sonic Fawkes.... and they'd have to choose a building to try and blow up, i suggest it wouldn't be the Sloop.

You should choose your timing more carefully ie not tell them to stay inside when already in the Sloop.

PS. no comment

Vile Jelly

06 November 2003 13:35

But they're never not in the Sloop, that's the prob.

Anyway, they seem to have survived the experience, although I do believe that they were quite naughty and surprised a few Sloop customers by secreting the former's namesakes in the Bangers & Mash!

Gill Richards

06 November 2003 14:02


What an excellent idea! We're having a BBQ at Guides tonight. I was going to buy sausages, but with careful timing i could have the rest of the term off!

Vile Jelly

06 November 2003 17:42

Please don't call me lol (unless it's complimentary).

PS. A propos of the Female Navigators, there was a snippet from the papers aeons ago reported in Punch along the lines of:-

'Dear Sir,

I am bringing a party of half a dozen Scouts to Keswick and wonder if you could spare a Guide for each one.'

And the gutter press said that BP and his acolytes were all closet

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