The Diet Of Worms?

Martin Blake

07 November 2003 20:01

RE: emmets...

Nothing like that happens in bloody freezing Melbourne either. Those crocs haven't survived from the dinosaur era because they're dumb, it's only us idiot hoomans who decide to live in the frozen tundra of Victoria. So all the backpacker-devouring is thousands of kilometres away, which leaves us Melburnians more time to contemplate the footy, cricket and the way we do have some wicked emmets here, big bastards caled "bullants" which are almost indestructible and can get real aggro.... also fireants, but again, like the canetoad and box jellyfish, they content themselves with living in the beaut climate of Queensland and Northern Territory.

Vile Jelly

07 November 2003 22:12

So, they're venomous, slimy and unpleasant to encounter .....

..... yup, you've definitely got an infestation of emmets there.

At least you can console yourselves with the thought that they will migrate to St. Ives in the (our) summer.

Martin Blake

07 November 2003 22:53

Enjoy your emmet-free period then, we're just coming into ours, although the "attractions" in this area which draw the coach-loads are Fairy Penguins, and Giant Gippsland Earthworms which average 1 metre long, but can reach 8 metres ( I kid you not ).

Vile Jelly

08 November 2003 09:15

Re: emmets...

You must be able to catch big fish with worms that size!

PS. Fairy? Penguins? Are they magical and, I know you're a bit further south than we are but are you really that close to the Antarctic?

Martin Blake

09 November 2003 19:49

Yeah, well I don't think they've invented a hook big enough to thread the bloody thing on yet....

Those poor penguins have to yomp their way up the beach to their nests in the dunes for the night, which is all very cute, but lots of concrete, lots of flashbulbs, it's like Oscar night down there... and yes we are pretty close and feels it in June - August. Those boat people aren't silly, they always land on some beaut island or near Broome, never down here...

Vile Jelly

10 November 2003 09:36

I wouldn't have thought you'd have needed a hook. I mean, if I was swimming in the sea when one of those buggers got in with me I'd sure as hell get out. So, all you'd need is a few buckets to catch the fish in!

Perhaps that is why the pengs hide in the dunes.

Martin Blake

10 November 2003 23:05

thanks for all that mate, I only wanted to find out what an emmet was but I've enjoyed chatting. Last but not least, and the subject has probably been done to death on your site already, but did those two blokes ever get that big wine cask balloon thingo airborne again or what? And why????

Vile Jelly

11 November 2003 09:29

No, they didn't, adding yet another entry to Roll of Dishonour of glorious British failures.
You can read all about it in the Aged Antelopes Section via this link.

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