Faith Ealing?

Helene Hambrook

26 November 2003 17:56

East of Ealing!

Hi !  Great site, I almost missed the Archers! Having visited your site I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know about our good-time world music band EAST OF EALING who are playing at the Western Hotel on Sat.13th Dec...I think we are right up your and your readers street (so to speak) we play a mixture of celtic, cajun, swing, Russian, blues, and boogie...we call it world drinking music!
   Do you know of any other way to let the good folk of St.Ives know we are playing?
   All the beast,    Helene.

Vile Jelly

27 November 2003 09:32

Well, I presume that someone at the Western will be putting up the usual posterlets, etc.
Udder than that you could try getting the local rag the Times & Echo to give you a mention ( and Radio Terrapin (Cornwall) have a regular 'what's on' bit that you could try being promulgated on if you get hold of them in time (
Your e-mail will get an airing on this week's update but I don't think anyone inside St. Ives actually reads it, which would explain why I am still alive!

Helene Hambrook

27 November 2003 19:42

Paul, thanks muchly, we will try the contacts. All the beast   Helene.

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