Badge Of Horror!

Gill Richards

01 December 2003 11:56

RE: a sting on the tail

i vaguely remember small boys wandering about asking if people wanted their cars washed. Mum and Dad never did cos they wanted it done properly!! I don't think they do it any more, as i haven't seen any for years. Guides and Brownies never did it, we were much more sensible.
V tired today. little darlings wouldn't go to sleep on saturday, so we got them up early on sunday to teach them a lesson. Trouble is, i don't do lack of sleep, so can't remember what the lesson might be...

Vile Jelly

01 December 2003 14:39

Nowt wrong with twenty laps of the freezing cold lake followed by a severe beating with a large, knobbly stick. It will make men of them!

Gill Richards

01 December 2003 15:14

i can see a lot wrong with that actually. Making men of them might make going to Guides more interesting.....

Vile Jelly

01 December 2003 16:11

You mean there isn't a Human Genetic Engineering badge you can earn?
No wonder people complain that you are behind the times!
PS. There was a snippet in the local papyrus which referred to an attempt to resurrect the 106th (or whatever) St. Ives Cub & Scout Battalion (last seen being gunned down to a man at the Somme). One of the chief protagonists was Mrs Thingy who was in charge of the Beavers.
I mean, when you see a caption along the lines of ' Mrs. Thingy, Chief Beaver is looking for boys to volunteer  etc.' you can't help wondering if the perpetrators of such things as the 'beavers' have ever been encamped with adolescent males (or, in deed, anywhere where there is the usual urban porn graffiti)!

Gill Richards

02 December 2003 09:39

Interesting. i shall put the idea forward for a new badge; part of the team work package i think.
We're not behind the times! we do all sorts of new stuff and the new uniform is so bland you wouldn't know who we were!
PS. Yes, i always doubted the intelligence of naming a group 'Beavers'. When you consider that it is nearly always women who look after these small boys, perhaps a different name could have been chosen.
PPS. In answer to Mr Macs question, yes i do know what abstemious means, as indicated in the reply with the word in. Plus i found it in a dictionary, so read it's full meaning - often useful, dictionaries.

Vile Jelly

02 December 2003 09:58

Team work? Surely not.
I would have thought that it would fall into the solo project skills together with Laughing Evilly On Dark Stormy Nights, Building Your Own Companion From Spare Body Parts and Cackling 'Fools, I'll Show Them All'!
PS. I think BM was being facetious ..... I've never known him to be abstemious!

Gill Richards

02 December 2003 10:34

No, that all comes under the title of 'Learning to be a Guider' along with How To Carry Out Evil Tasks Without Anyone Noticing.
PS I can imagine

Vile Jelly

03 December 2003 10:06

So, I take it Tony & George won't be getting their badges this time round. Are they allowed to do re-sits?

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