Hey Hey We're The Monk-ys!

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

02 December 2003 23:30

Re: feckin potato rompers clogging amid the stoneyards

no worries mate he was weairng those semi shiny black trousers and I think a gold chain... nixan..

so.. I got a postcard from Jane.. a pal from WHitehorse and she was in Cornwall so now I can see that castley thingy out there in the bay and a few monks (hoods) and some other stuff about the old days before you got the boot from the good sloop..  erg.
also a card from Ann who was up in Russia somewhere and travelling around on the trains and visiting monks  (hoods) in there monasteries... I asked her if she had a Russian poet lover on the trip.. or just a poet...

Vile Jelly

03 December 2003 10:23

That castley thing?
What are you blathering about woman? That's the first stage of St. Ives Space Station. Once it is completed we are all going to blast off there, rain down tactical nukes on the emmets and then go for a few laps of the cosmos while we are waiting for the radiation to die down and let us move back.
PS. Less of the monky business, this is a family website, y'know!

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

03 December 2003 22:20

ya well the postcard is one of those funkadelicphotomontages with lots of words and a KEY! so  when I read Mounts Bay I realised that one of my treasured black and whites( now filed in  a portfolio)  is a dreary l9th C shot of two fishing barges just offshore in MB I had forgotten that it was found in a museum in Cornwall some years ago...hey have you ever seen the name of the rose.. with him in a itchy handspun outfit from Italy.. no...France..or... anyway the writer is Italian do you know his name?... there is a great inscription in the book...
  ok I went over to another computor ....Umberto Eco...  and the word I was looking for just surfaced.. palimpsest... means originally, reworking or illuminating a previously used vellum. your medieval pal will know..  

Vile Jelly

04 December 2003 14:13

Foolish woman.
Anyone will tell you that Mount's Bay is on the dark side of the force, i.e. near Penzance, and is nothing to do with St. Ives Bay which lies many leagues to the north.
On the udder hand, the castle to which you refer used to be a monkery so I guess I can see your attraction to it!
PS. All my medieval friends are dead (from extreme old age).
PPS. Apart from the skellington walled up in my chimbley, who keeps me awake on dark, stormy nights.

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