Critical Mast!

Rod Attrill

28 December 2003 20:48

tetra mast

Talking of 'Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night !' The latest tetra mast controversy has erupted in Gilfachreda - very close to New Quay in Wales and former home of Dylan Thomas of  'Do not go gentle' fame. in fact the mast is to be erected within a mile of the poet's former home 'Majoda'. There is to be a public meeting next Tuesday.
Can you let me know what was the outcome of your local protest.
Rod A.

Vile Jelly

29 December 2003 08:57

I will ..... if there ever is one.
We suspect that they are just adopting one, or possibly both, of the standard operating procedures, i.e. :-
  1. Ignore local protests
  2. Keep putting application to increasingly higher levels of government
  3. Find level of government that is sufficiently far away and unaffected as not to care
  4. Put in new application
  5. Get provisional approval pending appeal
  6. Go ahead anyway
  7. Apply for appeal to be denied on the grounds that the deed is already done
  1. Ignore local protests
  2. Keep putting in applications for slightly different sites
  3. Keep submitting applications until people regard the deed as inevitable
  4. Re-submit first application for original site
  5. In the event of a further knock-back repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 until fatigue or old age defeats protesters
Good luck with your protest and keep your hacksaws sharp!

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