Priory Commitments

Andrew Macdonald

09 January 2004 15:32

Re: Chimbley Sweeps!

What about the Lowestoft over 25 skateboarders?
Anyway, I've finished my barrel of Chimbley now, so life must be returning to whatever passes for normal.
Right.  I've made sure that Helling is now fully equipped with a full set of OS maps of Cornshire,  portable GPS, and a large print copy of Janet and John Do Mapreading.  Oh, and a Thermos.  So, roll out the plan and off we go. 

Vile Jelly

09 January 2004 15:51

Bloody typical. I wait a fortnight for an answer and then you send one while I am in mid-promulgate!
Talking of chimbleys, they get a mention in this week's bulletin and I am hoping to sample one or two soon now I've got the use of my stomach and tastebuds back. (Assuming I can prize a bottle or two from the RT's vice-like grip!).
The plan is fiendish in its cunning simplicity. You turn up, Helling drives us to the pubs. The only problem is that she might not be immediately available as she is currently busily engaged in sorting out my life (or was at last going to press). Let's just hope she isn't busy booking me into The Priory or the whole expedition might have to be cancelled!

Andrew Macdonald

09 January 2004 16:45

No probs.  I'll have a quiet word with her. Probably best you go to the Priory after the expotition.  It'll seem more worthwhile then.

Vile Jelly

10 January 2004 09:03

Well, I would have thought so but Helling has taken over scheduling my personal eye-tinnery so we'll just have to make sure the maps don't have the P on them!
Besides, if we have a go on the Spingo I might be more in need of a visit to Rampton than the Priority!

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