In Need Of Backing

Helen Bristol

09 January 2004 17:59

Re: Out with the old

Something about bridges and burning springs to mind.  Why scrap SSI, the damage (if there is any ) is already done.  Might as well carry on and enjoy it., we do.
Well, since you ask, no, but then I was under the impression that you'd quit finance(or whatever) to downsize for a better quality of life, so assumed you knew what you were doing.  Like I said to the bloke who tried to queue-jump claiming that he assumed I was with someone who was being served 'don't assume anything'. (What BM calls my woman-in-red-t-shirt-moment) I'll explain sometime. You missed a trick when you sliced open your hand - should have sued.
So, with the great career pathway what next?  Guided pub crawls for hapless emmets? I s'pose in SI you could always become an artist! May not be much good but remember that quote BM sent you.
PS feeling even worse than I did yesterday after physio.  I knew I shouldn't'ave listened to him. I know what by back can tolerate and which movements to avoid. And he said it couldn't do any harm. ****s, some of the tingling from sciatica is interesting [who needs Ann Summers' products]  but the hurting bit isn't.
PPS Lucy is behaving in a very peculiar way...

Vile Jelly

10 January 2004 09:04

Ah, the folly of my youth. Of course, I blame the teachers and parents who insist on indoctrinating children with this ridiculous notion that life is somehow fair/rewarding/worthwhile/etc. The trubble is if you act on the basis that 'things will work out for the best' then you get accused of being unrealistic and if you act on the basis that 'things will inevitably go tits up' you get accused of being negative (hem, hem!). Consequently, the most prudent approach seems to be to avoid getting involved with life wherever possible.
So, for lack of an alternative, I shall continue to plough my trade (or is that ply my own furrow?) down here for the time-being.
PS. Knife wound wasn't sufficient to get the lawyers interested but surely your spinal spasms must be enough for you to sue several asses off your employer. Call Claims Direct now, you've just won modern life's lottery!
PPS. Given that she was snogging a furry fleabag over Crimbo what could she get up to that's even more peculiar? [You'd better send the answer after the watershed tonight in case Shaun's about.]

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