Les Fruits De Mer(de)

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

17 January 2004 21:31

Re: feckin potato rompers clogging amid the stoneyards

thought your reporting team quit or did you fire them when you spilled some beans and were " given your papers" at the Sloop or the ketch, or the Brigantine or the cutter .. who's butter are you melting now? which reminds me I have 2 cans of crab at home.. maybe some rice and green onionos 

Vile Jelly

18 January 2004 09:17

Oh lawks no, the RT are still around. I must admit I'm not in the Slupe that often myself these days but they claim they have to attend daily in their capacity as newshounds.
I am not melting anyone's butter at the minute and am destitute (don't you read the weekly e-mails?). Most of St. Ives is closed for the pre-Easter lull and many of those who slaved over a hot emmet in the summer have been unceremoniously booted out on to the streets. I am just hoping that we all leave or find other jobs in the next couple of months so that there is no one left to hire when the boss-tards come looking for more serfs at the start of next season.
PS. Tinned crab? Bleaaaaghh! Go and get some fresh stuff from Newlyn, woman.

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

19 January 2004 20:12

so its spam sandwiches and mustard pickles for a while.. on white bread.. thats a Newfy treat..poverty fare.. and the crab had a tinny aftertasts   likely something to do with the Taiwan mudflats... where they came from... that is it for me on the crab detail! I have lived aboard and the bottom of the harbours can be great for crabs.. but think of what they are eating  erg

Vile Jelly

20 January 2004 09:26

Personally, I've always been mystified why anyone would willingly consume bottom-feeders. Have they no idea what sort of crud they are siphoning up? As far as I am concerned anything that lives in the sea can stay there and keep away from my plate (apart from cod/haddock, which, as everyone knows, live in deep fat fryers).
PS. I thought Spam had been abolished by the International Court of Human Rights?

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

20 January 2004 20:20

I liked the picture on the can.... sort of like the picture on your can of beens... I have forgiven myself  have you?

Vile Jelly

21 January 2004 09:16

I have forgotten but not forgiven myself.
Not the ideal result but I suppose you've got to give the readership what they want.

Anna Bryony Hawthorne

21 January 2004 21:33

you forgot yourself?  who is the readership is that like watership   down?  what did you have for supper last night..

Vile Jelly

22 January 2004 09:06

Well, not so much forgotten as not remembered. No, I think it's more like eider down. Beer.
PS. Who is this Anna Bryony Hawthorne bloke? Is it a relative or evidence of schizophrenia? Or is it a nom de guerre, nom de plume or nom je ne regrette rien?

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