Nearly Famous!

From: "Kuhn, Andrea - WCP"

09 November 2001 12:34

Hi, enjoying your site a lot, especially as I recently slogged it from Zennor to St Ives. I am a reporter writing a story about Alfie and would like to talk to you.


Sent: 09 November 2001 17:09
To: Kuhn, Andrea - WCP

Hello, got just got your e-mail and am picking myself up off the floor. Didn't think anyone was tuning in.

Anyway, it's not true about me and Alfie, we're just good friends (and look disturbingly similar when I'm in a wetsuit!). I'm going out to a bash tonight and am just heading into the shower, my posh frock, a taxi and the pub, etc (hopefully in that order) so can't hang about long and don't want to give you the proverbial "wham bam thank you ma'am".

I am usually up early so call me tomorrow if you want (I'll be out by 9am-ish) but if you'd rather do it on Monday that's no probs because I know what the weekend's worth to people with families.

From: "Kuhn, Andrea - WCP"
Sent: Friday, November 09, 2001 5:08 PM
Subject: RE: alfie

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your note - unfortunately I have to file the story tonight - I was just hoping for a few comments from you as one of his biggest fans. No problem tho. Angle is basically - why can't people leave the poor bugger alone.

Hope you enjoy your night out - keep up the good work on the site!


Sent: 10 November 2001 08:12
To: Kuhn, Andrea - WCP
Subject: Re: alfie


You should have said in your first e-mail, cos I didn't read the second one until this morning. If I'd known it was that urgent I could have rung you on my moby on my way out.

Oh well, as Alfie would say, no use blubbering about it now. What your article be in? I'll get a copy and read it to Alfie next time he's in the Sloop.

Anyway, I'll still be around if you got a deadline extension or do a follow up.

Free The St. Ives Bay One!

From: "Kuhn, Andrea - WCP"
Sent: Monday, November 12, 2001 1:02 PM
Subject: RE: alfie

Hi Paul, not to worry, am sure there will be many Alfie stories to come. It was in the Western Morning News on Saturday but it was also picked up by the Press Association and a friend from the Times was I think going to put in a story on him today.

What next?

A slot on Pop Idol?


12 November 2001 13:13

Kuhn, Andrea - WCP

Re: alfie

Hell, he can't be any worse than Hearsay and all those other talentless twonks. If Bob the Builder can get to number one why not Alfie?

Just remember I have an exclusive management agreement with Alfie and get 25% of all his royalties!

Once again fickle fortune sticks two fingers up at us. Talk about impeccably bad timing!

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