Crab Poop


27 January 2004 09:02

Re: Whiskey or Piskies Galore

Never did like the Palladian style reminds me of all those rather silly games that Nanny never approved of. As president of the Be Kind to a Crab Society I resent your comments about bottom feeders and would remind you that your website could be read by young and impressionable minds. Now, concerning this lost drain. On the ferret in a rabbit hole idea what you need is something small and furry that wouldn't really be missed. I did think of the RT, small, vaguely furry
but have a recollection that you mentioned they are always missed, or did I get that wrong? - Toodle pip, off to shoot a peasant or three

Vile Jelly

28 January 2004 09:04

Did think of the RT but they said they had more pressing problems. They were last seen muttering darkly about inconsistent humans, hoping the camouflage holds out for now and having to find another place to stash their supplies. Apparently they have been planning a booze cruise to Athens because I could have sworn they said they'd been stockpiling Doom Bar ready for the acropolis!

PS. I stand defiantly by my 'bottom-feeder' observations. Would you seriously want to scoff something that has been living of the crud deposited in the bottom of St. Ives harbour by a million incontinent ems?


29 January 2004 12:47

Are you sure they didn't mean the Press Gang? or perhaps they were think about pressing whatever items of clothing you have given them. I understand that they were named in the Huttton Report but that no resignations have been forthcoming. Of course, they could have confused Hutton for Mutton and that would open up a whole new can of worms (especially if they have not had a very good shepherd). Take your point re the crabs but something has to add to the flavour. i wonder what is so special about the Cromer Ledge? - Got any snow down there? - - W

Vile Jelly

30 January 2004 09:39

Well, they were going to blow the trumpet on t'government but they got a better offer from President Blair and so are now working on a breaking story about the little Dutch boy who had his finger in Greg Dyke. Apparently, it's the same offer that Hutton got to do his report; free beer and the chance to get rid of all your unwanted Kellys!

PS. Tsk, tsk (as elephants say), you are showing a lack of local knowledge. Anyone who knows St. Ives knows it NEVER snows in St. Ives (although occasionally frustrated photographers do fake it by chucking zillions of polystyrene worms all over the place).

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