Let The Bayou Beware!


02 February 2004 09:07


This chap MacDonald. Is he some sort of raving pinko, a water closet commi hiding out in the fen lands? Does he read the Guardian social engineering paper and is he a social worker (now there's a contradiction in terms)? The British Empire was great and don't forget the Cornish were up there with teh rest of GB! Had we have kept the BE (indeed, expanded it) there would be very few problems of the type experienced today. There would not be a President of the USA, India and Pakistan would not be pointing nukes at one another and Kipling's family could have gone on with poetry instead of opening a bakers. Hip, Hip Hooray for the days of the Empire. Long live the Revenge, Drake for PM etc etc (the foundations on which the BM was built) - As for pasties in London, why not. Better pasties than exiled or expatriate Cornish running around in plaid skirts (God how the English still laugh at that one)and pretending they are Cornish Rob Roys. Hooray for the British Empire, down with kilts (perhaps not)and may the sun never set on the goodly Saints ofCornwall !!!
Benatugana - Tereba nessa - Winwaloe 

Vile Jelly

02 February 2004 09:52


Although, I suspect that it is not entirely his fault. All the water in the bogland of East Angular must eventually have a deleterious effect on the brain. I mean, what state of mental acuity can you expect from a region whose local hero was called Hereward The Barely Awake!


02 February 2004 14:26

I thought it was barley awake and that he was the first regional brewer

Vile Jelly

03 February 2004 09:14

Perhaps he was a descendant who briefly ventured out of the East Anglican bayou to discover the vital missing ingredient. Apparently, Hereafter the Wake was completely hop-less!


03 February 2004 16:32

A sort of English Monarch of the Fen?

Vile Jelly

04 February 2004 09:54

More likely the Sultan of the Swamp.

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