Snap Cackle And Poop!

Helen Bristol

06 February 2004 18:16


An interesting piccie that one - what happened to it?  Were you snapping through a rain-soaked window?

Vile Jelly

06 February 2004 18:45

No. I blagged it from the SI Times & Echo which, paperwise, is the consistency of that cheap crinkly bog paper you used to get in skools in the 70's. Consequently trying to scan it proves a tad difficult as you then have to try and edit out the print, piccies and whatever which are clearly visible from the reverse side of the page.
Besides, loathing me as you do, don't you think the poor woman is entitled to a bit of anonymity? Try and look at the situation positively for once. Complain of it not as 'another crap piccy' but think of it as a deliberately digitally-fuzzed-to-protect-the-victim's-identity CID masterpiece!

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