Microsoft Fail To Spot Disney Poo In Mcdonalds!

Gill Richards

09 February 2004 13:39

RE: hi

Hutton could come to my house, there's still a lot of paintwork to be done....
would that be with a mackerel?
My eyes were watering before i read the last bit!
Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah. Monday lunchtimes are fun again. How i look forward to reading the meanderings of all my fellow St Ives aficionados. I cannot speak for the others, but i for one do agree with you about all the horrid peeps who invade your home, that SI would be marvellous if it wasn't for the tourists.
What would conversation be if it wasn't for the occasional disagreement? i remember some strange being ranting about your website being full of s***e, but didn't we all rush to your defence, didn't we all provide some more to publish? No? well, perhaps we should have.
The Cornish Pasty Shop is definitely in Bristol. I vaguely remember a pasty place in Edinburgh too, so they have flown a long way. Excuse me if i upset, but I do wonder at the authenticity of Balti and curry pasties. Please correct me if i'm wrong (and i'm sure you will) but is not the Pasty a Cornish fare and as such should be served with the traditional ingredients available in the fair land. I can forgive Chicken and Muchroom, Pig and apple, even vegetarian (although you wouldn't find me buying one) they are an inevitable deviation, but curry.......?
Ok, must to something useful now, end of lunch break.

Vile Jelly

10 February 2004 08:52

Actually, the Reporting Team have unmasked Lord Hutton ..... He is, in fact, Lord Lever the soap powder magnate. And, as we all now know, he still washes whiter than white! And Tony Blair is really Victor Kiam ..... "I was so impressed with the results of the first enquiry I bought the judiciary and had another one".
As for pastie-gate ..... You think that the balti thing is bad (which it is when you consider the massive cholesterol and fat content of a normal balti is being stuffed into pastry!) but that is nothing compared to the stink that was caused a couple of year's ago when Anthony Worried-Thompson did a 'cornish' pasty on TV that included WORCESTERSHIRE sauce. The people of Cornwall were so enraged they rose up and ..... put the kettle on. Believe me, it takes a lot of rage to shift such an inert mass!
PS. Think of upcountry pastie establishments as an alternative McDonalds. Just because someone puts it there you don't have to go in.

Gill Richards

10 February 2004 09:55

like it. perhaps he knows Lord Luton as well. Put him in a white suite and tell him to stand against a white wall......
My heart is palpitating just thinking about it, which is why i never go to a balti house and only rarely have a pasty, i certainly wouldn't eat them together, my stomach wouldn't like me. I remember that. I put the kettle on myself; what a complete and utter t**t.
Ps definitely an alternative, not similar to. I am proud to say that i have only set foot in said establishment a handful of times. Most of those having something to do with Guides (why do kids love it so much?) and once because i was so hungry i was ready to eat the dashboard and i bought a kids happy meal purely because they had free Winnie the Pooh toys!!!!!!!
And i don't feel obliged to go into Pasty shops, in fact being a girly bloke and therefore constantly on some form of self depriving eating habit i usually walk past, but just occasionally...

Vile Jelly

10 February 2004 11:04

It's probably all the e-numbers, sugar and other chemical stimulants. Also, it gives them a chance to find out what last year's crop of super-intelligent A grade A levellers are doing since they left skool.
PS.Bet it was the (pants) Disney version of W T Pooh. You'll have noticed that (apart from one donation) all my Piglets are the classic AA Milne & Ernie Shepherd types. (Got them from Mothercare of all places). To my internal shame, I went off on one once on the subject of the evil Disney empire and its attempts to impose its own version of the truth on everyone. My sister said I should set up a protest group, the Campaign for Really Authentic Piglets. I very nearly did until I spotted her cunning ploy to humiliate me!

Gill Richards

10 February 2004 11:10

it was. and i didn't get Pooh, i got Rabbit, who also doesn't look like he should. I did notice. Disney fattened them all up and gave them gooey eyes. I have a brother like that...

Vile Jelly

10 February 2004 14:50

Oooh, I hate gooey eyes. I prefer mine flash-fried so they are crisp and crunchy.
PS. Far be it for my worthless opinions to butt in but I think you'll find that if you dined at McDonalds you did get poo ....
PPS. The spell checker corrected mcdonalds to McDonalds but had no idea what 'poo' was. True but frightening!

Gill Richards

10 February 2004 15:16

not that i watched it, but i heard that on 'This is crap telly, turn it off' the contestants had to eat large fish eyes, crunchy on the outside and almost liquid in the middle. Ugh
Ps i think you are probably right, which is why i went for the fish fingers, less pooey
Pps very. It just confirms that it's an American product produced by MicroDonalds inc.

Vile Jelly

10 February 2004 16:55

Well, I've always been of the opinion that the only reason that god invented eyes was so that your enemies would have handy receptacles for storing your red-hot knives in!
PS. Fish fingers? Given Ronald McDodgy's reputation more likely to have been anemone's feet!

Gill Richards

11 February 2004 12:23

And i always thought they were for seeing your enemy so you could run away.
Ps yes but less likely to repulse you than something from a mammal.
ps. ....and a pasty when in Cornwall is a must.

Vile Jelly

12 February 2004 08:55

You misapprehend me. Perhaps I did not conjugated the sentence correctly. The red-hot knives are mine, the eyes are my enemies. So, I have a handy place to rest my cutlery to prevent burning my hands and can still the enemy.
Unlike your Muck-donalds experience where you couldn't see the anemone!
PS. Your second PS should have been a PPS.
PPS. Not when you live there it isn't. Then again, it might explain the chronic obesity crisis if it is!

Gill Richards

12 February 2004 09:18

No, i just didn't read it properly! That's what happens when you should actually be working. Why would your knives be red hot? You wouldn't be able to pick them up.
ps i ran out of ps
pps i was speaking personally and singularly

Vile Jelly

12 February 2004 10:44

Yes, I'm afraid my conjugation is not what it used to will have been!
Are you kidding? You don't work in a kitching for long without developing asbestos hands. Sadly the callouses have diminished somewhat during my destitution so I will have to burn them back on if I go back to working in the emmet-poisoning trade.
PS. Try drinking lots of lager.

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